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Blocked Drains


Routine cleaning of drains & sewers will help you avoid blocked drains

As a homeowner or a property manager, regular cleaning of the drains and sewers should be part of your maintenance checklist. It is important to recognise symptoms of blocked drains earlier rather than waiting for it to develop to leaks and cracks. Unattended blocked drains will eventually lead to more serious cases, creating more damage to your family and property.


If the blockage occurs indoors, most likely causes are foreign objects being flushed down the drain. If it is located outdoors, foliage from your garden, leaves, and tree roots infiltrating the drains are the most obvious culprits. 


Grease and fat from food residue and cooking oil are the usual causes of blocked drains in kitchen sinks. This will eventually harden over time making it difficult for water or liquid to pass through.


Hair blocking the drains is a common scenario in toilets and bathrooms. People can avoid this by habitually picking up fallen hair before they flow down the drains. Human hair mixes with the grease from soap suds and residue, making it a stubborn blockage. In severe cases, it is better to call a blocked drains specialist.


Blockage due to plants and dirt occurs in the yard and garden, especially in homes where there are surrounding trees. Tree roots search for the source of water. These roots could intercept the waterflow in your underground pipes, causing blocked drains. When such things occur, it is best to call an expert plumber immediately to prevent the issue from getting severe.


Sometimes, people treat their toilets as rubbish bins. Products like baby wipes, sanitary pads, cat litter and nappies would create serious blocked drains. This habit also harms the environment, not just your drains or sewage. However, there are instances that foreign objects get dropped accidentally in the drains like toys, jewelry, dental products and others.


Do-it-yourself (DIY) vs Professional Drain Clearing Services

Most of us attempt to clear blocked drains on our own. The simple DIY fix includes pouring hot water, creating suction through a plunger, and using vinegar and baking soda to dissolve the blockage. The use of chemical drain cleaners is also popular go-to solutions.  However, these solvents damage PVC pipes, produce toxic fumes and kill good bacteria that aid in decomposing waste. 

For blocked drain problems that could no longer be solved by simple home remedies, call a professional drain and cleaning services like your local plumber to inspect and diagnose the cause of the blocked drains or blocked sewers. 

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is passionate about providing efficient drain cleaning services. Our seasoned plumbers and drain specialists use technology to diagnose the causes of blocked drains and sewers. Combining the power of technology and experience, you can get a thorough analysis supplemented by CCTV video and image documentation on what causes the blockage of your drains and how we can fix it.

tree roots
Our staff has extracted this tree roots from a blocked sewage system.


Our standard process as your drain cleaner contractor


Our plumbers conduct a visual inspection and mechanical test on the suspected area with blocked drains. For unreachable and deep pipes, we utilise a pipeline inspection cameras that we insert down the drain. From a monitor, we can record and see the real cause of the blockage.


Our staff can give you the estimates on the costs and materials or fixtures that you might need to ensure that recurrence does not happen. You will be consulted upon whether you agree or disagree with the proposal. Discussions might occur to meet both ends, while still ensuring that you get the drain cleaning pipe services that your property needs.


Prepare your home or property if site works need to be done. We suggest that a representative or the homeowner is present, so you will be able to observe and learn from this plumbing experience. Our friendly staff are happy to answer questions on drain maintenance. You can even pick up some preventive measures and practices to maintain the health of your drains and sewers.


Call now before the blocked drain gets worse.

Have you smelled a foul odour and gurgling sounds from your drains? Do you suspect a possible blockage that makes your water pressure slower than normal? The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is available on live chat 24/7, even on public holidays. Save yourself a headache,  call a professional plumber to perform drain cleaning and clearing services.

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