Autumn Electrical Tips from Our Experts

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Autumn Electrical Tips

We are in the 3rd month of Autumn. You see the changes everywhere already with the leaves in brown colours, nighttime coming in much earlier and the feel of cold air outside. This also means that households now switch from cold air conditioners to heaters in the house to warm their place up. And this can only lead to one thing, an increase in the electricity bills.

As the leaves change colours and the temperature cools down during the Autumn season, it’s a great time to consider some electrical tips to save electricity and reduce energy consumption. One simple yet effective tip is to make sure to turn off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. Additionally, utilizing natural lighting during the daytime by opening curtains and blinds can help reduce the need for artificial lighting. As the weather gets cooler, consider using a programmable thermostat to regulate heating and cooling, and try setting it a few degrees lower to save on energy.

Another great idea is to make use of blankets, sweaters, and other warm clothing to stay cozy indoors without cranking up the thermostat. All in all, to control the amount of energy needed or reduce energy bills your home must be properly insulated to avoid drafts and heat loss in this you can preserve a warm temperature. By incorporating these electrical tips into your Autumn routine, you can do your part to conserve energy, save electricity, and contribute to a greener season.

But Here As 5 Electrical Tips For Autumn So As To Avoid A Spike On Your Electrical Consumption

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1. Take advantage of the sunshine. Autumn might be a prelude to winter but some parts of Australia still get a lot of sunshine which you can use to your advantage. Open windows and blinds and let the natural warm air inside. Once the sun sets down, close all windows so as to prevent cold air from going in.

You might also consider trimming those trees that block the sunlight from coming through. That way, you can maximize sunshine going into the house and warming up your property.

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2. Consider making changes to your home for more energy-efficient cooling and heating. Installing high windows and skylights would help with natural lighting and adding more insulation to roofs and walls would help in preventing heat loss or heat going in during the hot days.

The cost might be high but the long-term benefits would far outweigh the cost of upgrading and renovation of your place.

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3. Upgrade your appliances and textures to the more energy efficient modern ones. Try looking for those that have the highest energy rating as these consume less power and would definitely help in reducing your electric bill. Switch also your old lights to LED. LEDs are energy efficient, consume less electricity and last longer than the conventional lights that we are using.

Make sure also to unplug any appliances not currently in use. We tend to think that since these appliances are not being used, that they are not consuming any electricity. But placing appliances on standby mode actually consumes electricity and adds up to your electrical bills.

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4. Minimize the use of electrical appliances and gadgets. With the cold nights of autumn, gone are the days of staying outdoors and lounging on the verandah. This would mean that people would tend to stay indoors more at night. And with that the usage of electrical appliances, tablets, laptops and gadgets increases.

Try to engage in old-fashioned board games. This would lessen electrical consumption and provide fun for the whole family.

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5. Lastly, try to minimize the use of heaters in the house. Heaters contribute to at least 40% of the electrical consumption during cold days. You might consider zoning the house so as to effectively use the heating system only in specific areas where it’s needed. Or you could consider using a portable heater.

These are handy ones that you can use in specific rooms and areas where they are especially needed without turning the whole heating system on for the whole house. This would greatly help in reducing your electrical consumption and save you tons on your electrical bill.

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