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Gas Hot Water System Repair & Replacement Services

The simple gas hot water service is amongst one of my favourite plumbing and hot water products, its versatility, and effectiveness is outstanding along with the range and options it really has come a long way since I was an apprentice.

I remember fondly working alongside my tradesman doing gas hot water heater repairs and gas hot water heater replacements, admiring his skill in bending pipes, brazing fittings and testing gas pressures, wondering if I could ever be as knowledgeable as he.

25 years on and I would like to think of myself as one of the most knowledgeable and skilled hot water specialists in Australia, having done thousands of gas hot water tank repairs and gas hot water tank replacements of all makes and models, I still get a kick out of the usability and the technology that gas water heaters offer, along with the variety of options available to all of our customers.

Need an Experts in Gas Hot Water Installation or Advice? Call us!

When it comes to gas hot water system installation or advice, you need to ensure that you’re dealing with someone who knows what they are talking about. That’s why it’s imperative that you are always dealing with a gas hot water specialist at all times.

Gas hot water installation isn’t something that just any old plumber can do, you must be licensed and have a thorough knowledge of your trade, and products in order to serve your customers with the best advice and safety.

Having provided gas hot water tank installation and gas water heater maintenance to thousands of customers, we are the gas hot water experts. We offer a huge range of gas hot water products, including gas storage water heaters and the full range of gas instant/continuous flow units.

We are trained heavily in the serving and repairs of all makes and models and can offer you the full solutions to your gas hot water needs.

Rinnai Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater

Gas hot water is one of Australia’s most popular water heaters, and rightfully so, they offer great benefits and will suit most applications.

  1. They have the best recovery of all water heaters, meaning that they reheat the cold water faster than anything else.
  2. There is a huge range to choose from, meaning there is a gas water heater to suit any application.
  3. There is a gas water heater to suit any sized area, from the big bopper storage gas hot water units to the tidy compact instantaneous gas models, space is never an issue.

So if its gas hot water you have or gas hot water that you want, remember always deal with a gas hot water expert and choose the units that will suit your needs.


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