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What Is A Gas Hot Water System?

There are two main types of gas or LPG hot water heaters: storage systems and instantaneous gas hot water systems, also known as instant hot water systems or continuous hot water systems. Water heaters can run on either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which comes in tanks delivered by your local supplier.

Pros and Cons Of Gas Hot Water Systems


The upfront costs of gas hot water systems installation usually cost more than their electric counterparts. It requires a more complex installation than electric water heaters. Your operating costs will significantly be lower because gas rates do not vary based on the time of the day.


Gas hot water systems are ignited using a pilot light works even during blackouts and are more energy efficient than other alternatives. In terms of the warranty, generally, gas hot water tanks have a slightly shorter lifespan if compared to electric hot water systems.

Environmental Impact

It’s no secret that gas hot water systems release fewer gas emissions and are generally more efficient than traditional electric water heaters with faster heating time. Gas hot water heaters are ideal for households with numerous members.

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Why Is My Gas Hot Water System Not Working?

When you have no hot water, you can immediately figure out that your gas hot water system is not working. You might start checking if the gas line supply is on.

If it is on, then examine if the pilot light is lit. If igniting it does not work, the problem might lie with the thermocouple. The thermocouple is the safety device that signals your gas valve whether the pilot light is on. The gas valve does not let gas pass through the burner which explains why you don’t have any hot water coming out.  In other cases, there is hot water but the supply is not enough. It could be that there is something wrong with your thermostat setting or the gas valves need replacement.

It’s a different case altogether if you see that your gas hot water is leaking. Better turn the gas supply immediately and leave the area before you inhale too much gas. Contact the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor immediately to further diagnose and consequently fix the gas hot water issue. The solution could be as simple as replacing the flue piping, to needing a hot water tank replacement.

Gas Hot Water Maintenance

  1. Adding insulation to decrease heat loss. You can insulate the pipes by covering them with foam pipe insulation and the sides of the tank with an insulation blanket. Just make sure not to include the top portion for airflow.
  2. Flushing the tank. Flushing the gas hot water tank discourages sediment build up that would make it difficult for your equipment to heat water. It can also cause corrosion. Follow the simple steps in flushing your gas hot water tank here.
  3. Check these parts of the gas hot water which are susceptible to leaks and the usual causes of gas hot water repairs:
    1. Coldwater and hot water inlets – make sure that these parts are snugly connected to the hot water tank.
    2. Pressure relief valve – You might see water pooling below the tank but there is no mark or evidence of tank leaking. Check the thermostat and the water pressure does not exceed the standards between 50-60 psi.
    3. Drain valve – Sometimes leaking occurs around the drain valve. You need to flush your water heater before you can perform a drain valve replacement.

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Gas hot water systems can pose danger when they are not installed or fixed properly. If you need gas hot water service, remember to deal only with the experts. When it comes to gas hot water repair and installation, trust the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor to get it done for you.

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