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The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor has replaced more than four thousand drains and main sewer lines throughout our 40 years in the industry. Whether it is a simple drain replacement or the main sewer line replacement, we do it fast with materials that last.

What Is The Difference Between A Mainline And A Drain Line?

The house or dwelling mainline is also known as the sewer line. It is the pipe that channels all the wastewater from the drains installed in your home to the local authorities’ drainage system known as sewer mains. The house’s sewer line is made up of wastewater drains that connect to all your fixtures including your toilet, kitchen sink, bathroom, and shower.

Could Line Repatching Solve The Problem?

Depending on the severity, cause, and location of the pipe leak or damage, there are instances that digging the whole pipe could be a more affordable solution than trenchless drain relining. Our expert plumbers can do a camera scan of the pipe to assess what solution would be more appropriate.

Is A Replacement More Cost-Effective Option In The Long Run?

When the cause of a broken pipe or damaged pipe is due to age or its substandard material, digging and replacing the complete pipe would prove to be more cost-effective than just repairing a part of an already old pipe. A simple CCTV drain inspection will determine the best solution for you quickly and effectively.

Telltale Signs That You Have A Blocked Sewer

If the blockage occurs indoors, the most likely causes are foreign objects being flushed down the drain. If it is located outdoors, foliage from your garden, leaves, and tree roots infiltrating the drains are the most obvious culprits.
Plumbing Tips For Blocked Toilet

Unpleasant Odour

If you smell that distinct sewer smell that could be likened to the odour of rotten eggs, chances are there are blockages in your drains or sewers. A gurgling sound may accompany this because the water is not draining properly.

Blocked Sink &Amp; Plunger

Multiple Blocked Drains

If you have multiple blocked drains throughout your home, then the entire sewer line is likely blocked.

Here are an Example Photos of a Pipe Replacement Job

Our team has replaced a very old clay sewer pipe with stronger and more durable PVC pipes.
Tped Van

Advice From The Expert Plumbers

If you suspect that your main sewer line is leaking or blocked, let the experienced plumbers at the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor handle it.
Our staff can conduct an onsite inspection from your plumbing cleanout to examine and diagnose the problem.
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