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Is Your Hot Water System Need Replacement?

I received a question last week from a customer who had been doing their research on the internet in regards to replacing the existing burst water heater, through the many pages of content they had become confused as to the terminology that was being used across multiple sites.

She wanted clarification from a hot water expert in regards to the following:

What’s the difference between hot water system replacement, hot water service replacement, hot water heater replacement and hot water tank replacement?

This customer had a good point, why in the hot water game do we use so many descriptions for the exact same thing?

A hot water system, hot water service, hot water heater and hot water tank are all the exact same thing, the only things that differ between them all are the brands, the sizes and the fuel source that runs them.

For example water heaters are categorized by their fuel source.

  • Gas Water Heater
  • Electric Water Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • and Heat Pump

Water heaters sizes are vast and again are relevant to the type of fuel source, for example:

Electric water heaters come in these standard sizes.

25 litre
50 litre
80 litre
125 litre
160 litre
250 litre
315 litre
400 litre

Gas storage water heaters have the following standard sizes.

90 litre
135 litre
170 litre

Gas continuous flow water heaters have the following standard sizes.

16 litre
20 litre
26 litre

Give us call 24/7 for Emergency Hot Water Replacement

Having no hot water is never an enjoyable experience, in fact I can honestly say that I have never received a call from a customer that is happy to have “No hot water”. 

It’s a remarkable thing that a simple luxury such as hot water can bring out the best and worst of humans.

The worst being when the customer has “No hot water” and has worked themselves into a state of panic, then only to see the best of them once they know and understand that you have just provided them with an emergency hot water tank replacement.  

The jubilation and relief can be literally seen on their faces as we have finished the install of the emergency water heater replacement. 

It’s actually one of the nicest parts of being a water heater replacement company, experiencing the gratitude from happy customers as they now have a solution to their cold shower issues. 

Being a hot water specialist is often a difficult job but being in a position and within an industry  to give our valued customers an emergency hot water tank replacement is truly a benefit and an enjoyable part of what we do.


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