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At the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor, we specialise in all things hot water. Canberrans expect that we have hot water on demand. When we don’t get hot water when we need it, it sends our world into a spin. 

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Our Canberra Hot Water Services

Our crispy spring, winter and autumn months would be unbearable without the warm comfort of hot water canberra.

Hot Water System Repairs

Hot water heater repairs in Canberra often happens when the thermostat malfunctions or the anode rod or the sacrificial nodes gets rusty. Our hot water plumbers often respond to callouts of gurgling noises caused by sediment buildup. Sometimes it’s an electrical fault that’s why there is no hot water coming out. 

Other times, the culprit for hot water repairs is an improper setup of the pressure limiting valve, causing low water pressure to multiple bathrooms. Hot water tanks repair can be costly and may eventually lead to hot water tank replacement, depending on the severity of the damage.

Canberra Hot Water Replacement

Plumbing Hot Water System Replacement

When do you need to replace your hot water in Canberra? Most common causes of Canberra hot water replacement jobs are burst tanks or there’s no hot water. The root cause of these issues could be irregular servicing or maintenance of the hot water unit, or the hot water systems have to be replaced due to old age.

If you need hot water system repairs or hot water system replacement in Canberra, call The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor at 13 10 91. We will get you back in hot water quickly and efficiently. Our  hot water Canberra specialists offer outstanding services, expert advice and options on anything and everything hot water.

Canberra Hot Water Types

Our team of expert plumbers and electricians in Canberra handle all types of hot water systems including but not limited to Electric Hot Water System, Gas Storage Hot Water System, Instant Gas Hot Water System, Solar Hot Water System and Heat Pumps. Whether water is leaking through the fittings, valve, pipe, or even to the tank itself, we get your back in fast. There is no issue that we haven’t resolved over the past 35 years. So the next time you run out of hot water, call our local hot water Canberra experts . 

Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water Heaters

For the more traditional electric hot water systems, we supply and install all brands and types to suit the climate and your needs.

Electric Hot Water System

Gas Storage Water Heaters

We have also licensed gas fitters who can help you set up your gas plumbing.

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System

Continuous Flow or Instantaneous Water Heaters

When it comes to instant gas hot water systems, we have the solutions and the products to suit all applications.

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water Heaters and Heat Pumps

Solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems are environment friendly and energey-efficient. We’ve installed many solar hot water systems from flat panel solar hot water, evacuated tube solar hot water to solar boosted heat pump hot water systems. We also do solar repairs.

Trusted Hot Water Brands

With over 35 years of hot water service in Canberra, there’s not a problem that we haven’t found solutions. With a wealth of experience in all facets of Hot Water in Canberra, we offer a full range of supply and installation options.

  • Rheem Hot Water Heater Systems
  • Rinnai Hot Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water Hot Water Systems
  • Thermann Hot Water Systems
  • AquaMAX Hot Water Systems
  • Apricus Australia Solar Ready Hot Water Systems
  • Vulcan Hot Water Systems
  • Everhot Hot Water Systems
  • Bosch Hot Water Systems

So when you need a new hot water system, a hot water system replacement and upgrade or just hot water repairs, then look no further than The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor. We’re not just experts in plumbing and electrical but also market leaders in hot water systems and repairs in Canberra.

Canberra Hot Water Service Locations

Do you live in the following suburbs in Canberra ACT? Contact us for hot water install and repair services.

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So if you a looking for plumbing services in Canberra, then give the Plumbing Doctor a call.

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