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Heat Pump Hot Water Services

When considering heat pumps, we have the answers, regardless of brand and size, we can get you into heat pump hot water quickly and efficiently.

A few things to consider when researching heat pump hot water:

  • Capacity – How many people does my heat pump need to provide hot water for?
  • Do I have PV panels on my roof?
  • Heat pumps work best outside – Do you have allocation outside where the heat pump will fit?
  • Heat pumps are noisier than electric or gas units – my advice is to ensure it isn’t next to a window or a neighbours window.

What is Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Heat pump hot water systems have been around a long time, and are a fantastic, economical way to heat water.

The best way for me to describe a heat pump is an air conditioner in reverse, compressing gas to generate heat rather than cold, the hot gas runs through a coil of pipe that sits inside the water heater and acts as an element transferring heat from the copper pipes into the water.

Heat pumps hot water heaters use far less energy than traditional electric water heaters and work beautifully in conjunction with household solar. 

If you have a house that generates its own power or even runs off batteries, then heat pump hot water systems are the go to product for you.

Check out the large range of heat pumps available on the market today. You will find they vary in price and features, one thing is for sure, that the new bread of heat pump is a good product and shouldn’t be dismissed when looking at replacing or installing a new water heater.

Here are my tips when looking for a new heat pump hot water system.

  1. Look for the largest warranties.
  2. Look for quiet units.
  3. Look for units that allow you to set different heating modes and timers.
  4. Ensure that you read all recent reviews, ignore anything before the last 5 years.
  5. Check out what rebates are available per product as they do have different STC values.
  6. Always use a licensed installer.


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