Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

What is a Heat Pump Hot Water System?

As the name implies, a heat pump hot water system is an electrical device that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another, generally from its surroundings, to heat water rather than using an electric element to heat the water.

It is said to be more energy-efficient than other hot water systems.

Everhot Heat Pump Hot Water System

What to Consider When Purchasing a Heat Pump Hot Water System

Basically, a heat pump hot water heater is an air conditioner in reverse, compressing gas to produce heat instead of cold. Inside the water heater, a coil of pipe carries hot gas. Heat is then transferred from the copper pipes into the water through it. 

The heat pump hot water system is a great option for homes that generate their own power or run off of batteries. If you plan to buy a heat pump hot water heater, here are a few things to consider:

How many people does my water heater pump need to provide hot water for?

Do I have solar thermal panels on my roof if I wish to have this type of hot water system?

Heat pumps work best outside. Do you have allocation outside where the heat pump will fit?

Heat pumps are noisier than electric or gas units except if you purchase those low-noise models. Our hot water specialists advise to ensure it isn’t next to your window or a neighbour’s window.

Pros and Cons of Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pumps hot water heaters use far less energy than traditional electric water heaters and work beautifully in conjunction with household solar.  


The upfront cost of heat pump hot water almost costs twice that of the traditional electric hot water. However, it uses about 66% less electricity than the traditional electric storage hot water system so operating costs are significantly lower.


The compressor makes considerable noise so it must be placed outside your home where it won’t disturb you or your neighbours. You will also need space for it to have enough airflow.

Environmental Impact

The heat pump hot water system works harder during winter months because the surrounding air does not have enough heat to work with. Since there is less electricity used, the emission of greenhouse gases is also reduced.

When should I have heat pump hot water heater repairs?

Here are some common problems when it comes to heat pump hot water systems:

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Are you ready to switch to a heat pump hot water system? Here are a few tips from our hot water specialists who have installed several brands of heat pump hot water systems over the years:


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List of Popular Product Brand of Hot Water System

  • Rheem Hot Water System 
  • Dux Hot Water System
  • Rinnai Hot Water System 
  • Thermann Hot Water System
  • AquaMax Hot Water System
  • Evo Heat Hot Water System
  • Apricus Australia


Heat Pump Hot Water Installations and Repairs