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Blocked drains are among the most unhygienic and messy problems that can possibly occur in a home or industrial setting. As a result, it creates major inconveniences in our daily lives. Having a reliable plumbing specialist who can fix blocked drains quickly will save your day.

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The Science Behind Blocked Drains And Sewers

A blocked drain can be caused by many factors, including poor plumbing habits and neglect of routine maintenance. Human hair, sanitary products, such as menstrual pads, wet wipes, and food residue clog the drains.

You may encounter a blocked drain in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. A blocked stormwater or sewer drain is also a common household plumbing issue. Wear and tear is a common problem for drain components, and we cannot eliminate extreme weather conditions.

Plumbing maintenance inspections should be done regularly to check whether parts need to be replaced or repaired, ensuring your plumbing is safe.

Our very own director, Joe Evers, talks about the causes of blocked drains and how Plumbing and Electrical Doctor uses power tools and technology in clearing drains.

Our Expertise - Blocked Drain & Sewer Services

The Doctor gets it done! Our plumbers use the latest technology in keeping your plumbing systems clean and healthy. As a drain cleaning company, we pay meticulous attention to every detail that causes the problem.
Blocked Drain Repair

Drain Cleaning And Clearing

A slower drain than usual is not the only giveaway that you need to clear your drain. Do you hear gurgling sounds and smell a mysterious unpleasant odour? These are clear indications that your drain is blocked.
Drain Relining - The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Drain Relining And Repatching

Have you noticed water backup and black stuff coming out from your drains accompanied by a foul smell? Observe and check if some pipes are broken or punctured by tree roots. Other inexperienced plumbers might suggest digging the pipes but we think otherwise.
Pipe Replacement - The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Drain And Sewer Replacement

Chronically blocked drains and frequent water backups are usually signs that parts of your drain and sewer are already past their due. Cracked sewer pipelines behind the wall would cause moulds and emit a sewer odour that you need to fix immediately.

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*Price quote can vary based on the scope and severity of the drain problem at hand.

Some DIY plumbing fixes can work wonders, however, they can also aggravate underlying conditions. The best way to repair blocked drains is still to contact a reputable plumbing service company.

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctors are experts in drain replacements and repairs. We offer solutions to all drain-related issues. We have handled every situation from simple blocked toilets and shower drain repairs all the way up to complex tree root problems within sewer and storm drains.

We offer the most practical, safe, and accurate plumbing solutions with the help of experienced plumbers. We will get your plumbing system flowing and functioning properly in no time.

The Equipment To Get Drains Running
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