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Electric Hot Water System Repair & Replacement

So your electric hot water heater is on the blink!!! Your not sure what’s wrong with it but one things for sure you have No Hot Water!! 

When it comes to electric hot water heaters and the faults associated with them, there are three main categories that are are recognised by all hot water experts.

1. Electric Hot Water Heater Repairs, when it comes to repairing and electric hot water heater there are several things, a hot water specialist will check in order to get you back in hot water fast, this will include but not limited to, the thermostat, element, associated valves and electrical supply.

2. Hot water tank repair, I often get asked “Can you repair my hot water tank? The short answer is “No”, once your tank has a split in it there is no chance of repairing it, as it will need to be welded up, and in order to weld it up you must remove the outer skin, all the injected foam insulation and then start welding, the welding will also affect the enamel lining on the tank causing further issues.

3. Hot water tank replacement, tank replacement is essential when your water heater is leaking from anywhere other than the element gasket. It’s important that you know and understand the warranties of your water heater, most water heaters built after 2016 will carry a warranty of 10 years or even up to 12 (depending on the manufacturer or type). If your hot water system is leaking then please check out the warranty details and call the manufacturer for their warranty obligations. 

4. Electric water heater service, according to most manufacturers, your hot water heater should be serviced every 5 years, this service should include, testing the thermostat and element, testing your temp valve and replacing if over 5 years old, testing and replacing TPR valve, and testing of the pressure limiting valve, along with the installation and safety of the unit

Looking for advice or a new electric water heater?

It’s been over 35 years since we first became hot water specialists, over this time we have seen different products and brands come and go, but the old electric water heater installation still reigns supreme as our most sold and installed water heater .

It’s hard to imagine that even today, with all the talk around environmental issues and renewable energies that electric hot water heater installation is still the most popular amongst consumers.

I believe that we should all be making our own concerted efforts to assist our planet with reducing our carbon footprint and there is no better way in doing this on a domestic level than by focusing on your largest consumer of energy within the household “the water heater”. 

So when considering replacing your water heater, understand that there are many options available that may be more suitable for you and the environment than the good old reliable electric water heater.


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