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We apply fixed upfront pricing when it comes to our hot water installation, repairs, and servicing. This covers the hot water system costs, labor costs, and other costs that may arise from any additional requirements or piping work.

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Our hot water plumbers are specialists in the field. From choosing the right hot water system that works best for your household demand and budget to the disposal of your old hot water tank, you can rest assured that the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor gets it done. We have extensive knowledge of brands, installation procedures, and maintenance and repairs. So contact our team today to discuss your next water heater!

Main Types Of Water Heaters:


The water in an electric system is heated by an element located inside a tank. It is heated in the tank, which is available in a wide range of sizes, and then kept hot until it is required. The second type of electric hot water heater is the instantaneous electric hot water heater, where water is heated instantly on demand; there is no water storage tank, so it is possible to have a never-ending whenever a faucet is turned on.


In the same process as electric systems, gas storage heaters store hot water in tanks; however, they use a gas burner to heat the water. A gas instant water heater is also available which involves a gas burner that only heats water when it is needed, again there is no storage tank so your water will always run hot.


Solar-powered hot water systems make it possible to heat your water while reducing your impact on the environment. Solar systems typically use panels placed on a roof to collect sunlight, which is then used to heat the water. When the sun isn’t shining, these systems typically rely on electricity or gas to provide power.

Choosing A Hot Water System

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right hot water system for your home or property. The most common are as follows:


The capacity of your hot water system should be able to meet the demands of your home or property. To do this, estimate how much hot water you need for your household or property during peak hours.

Fuel Type

Heating water contributes to about 25% of a home’s energy usage. In Australia, the fuel could come from heat pumps, natural gas, electricity, and solar. You have to check what fuel types are available in your area. Is your home connected to the main gas supply? If it is still not, that would entail additional costs for your hot water installation.


Aside from the cost of the hot water system itself, also consider its maintenance costs and energy efficiency rating including heat loss rates. This will help you evaluate if your chosen hot water unit is really worth it.

Types of Hot Water Installations​

This kind of hot water system uses heat from the air or ground to produce hot water. It runs on a compressor. It is a more Earth-friendly alternative to its electric hot water counterparts. Find out if a heat pump hot water system will work for you.
Gas Storage
Gas hot water systems can either run on natural gas or LPG. Using natural gas results in fewer greenhouse emissions. Gas Hot Water Systems also have faster gas recovery time. Learn more about gas hot water systems here.
Thermann Electric Hot Water System
An electric hot water system usually consists of a hot water tank. It can be compared to an electric kettle but it keeps the water hot and ready for use. This Electric Hot Water System is also sustainable though it’s more expensive to run. Discover why an Electric Hot Water System is the best option for you.
Thermann Solar Hot Water System
Solar hot water systems utilize solar panels to collect energy from the sun that will be used for water heating. It saves energy and money and effectively takes advantage of Australia’s hot weather. Check out how Solar Hot Water Systems can suit your hot water needs.
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Hot Water Repair

How water system service is essential when it comes to showers, dishwashing, and even for the laundry. On average, hot water systems can last up to 10 years. You can prolong the life of your hot water system if you can identify early symptoms of damage that can still be fixed. There are many causes as to why you are not getting enough hot water for your needs. Be aware of the signs so you won’t be caught in a situation bearing with cold showers.
Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Replacement

If there are leaks or corrosion to your hot water tank and loud noises, there is a higher chance that your hot water system needs replacement. We have prepared a short Q & A to help you decide if you need a replacement.

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