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Solar Hot Water Repair & Replacement Services

Do you have solar hot water or have you thought about a solar hot water install?

In my opinion, solar hot water systems are the best type of water heaters to have installed at your house or business. Solar hot water systems are the most energy efficient hot water heaters on the market (where and when installed correctly).

There are several types of solar hot water systems available in the market and yes they do differ significantly between brands and types as to how well made they are and how efficient they are.

The most common types of Solar Hot Water Systems in the market are:

  1. Highline Solar, this where we have the tank and panel on the roof.
  2. Low line solar, a low line is a tank on the ground and panels on the roof.
  3. Evacuated tube solar, uses glass tubes instead of flat solar panels, this has the tank on the ground and the tubes on the roof.

So what are the advantages of a solar hot water tank replacement from that of a standard electric water heater?

  1. Cheaper to run than that of a standard electric.
  2. Far better for the environment.
  3. Greatly effective if installed on the correct aspect.

How often would I need a solar hot water panel replacement?

Theoretically, you would only replace the solar hot water panels at the same time as you replace your entire solar hot water system, and I would base this on a ten year interval. There have been cases where we have replaced panels damaged by hail or frost. However, this isn’t a common occurrence.

How often would I require solar hot water maintenance?

Maintenance on any hot water heater is recommended every 5 years. This will not only ensure your warranties are valid but will also assist in the longevity of the system.

How often will I require solar hot water heater repairs?

Depending on the type of system that you have will affect the likelihood of repairs, for example, High line solar has no mechanical parts with the exception of the element and thermostat, therefore, will require less repairs than that of the low line system that relies on a pump and sensors to move hot water from the ground to the panels.

If your thinking about installing solar hot water or even replacing your existing solar water heater, then please do your research and choose a system that has the best warranties, and is most suited to your family or business.

Need an Advice or a New Solar Hot Water Heater? Contact us today!

We love solar hot water. We have been working as a solar water heater company for the past 16 years, and there isn’t too much we haven’t seen when it comes to solar hot water installation.

One thing that is paramount when it comes to solar hot water is how effective the solar hot water system installation is, for example, for the solar water heater to work at its optimum it needs a good northerly aspect no shading and to be at the correct angle for maximum effectiveness.

I have had customers ring me complaining that their solar hot water system has never worked properly and that they would like it replaced with a different type? 

This always seems baffling to me when I hear such stories, as in my opinion there really isn’t a more effective method of water heater than that of solar.

However, true to form when I arrive on site there really isn’t anything wrong with the solar water heater itself but more so with the solar hot water installation.

Once reinstalled correctly, the solar water heater operates effortlessly and effectively, leaving customers happy and once again having faith in the solar hot water heater.


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