Solar Hot Water Systems

What is a Solar Hot Water System?

A solar hot water system, otherwise known as a solar thermal system, uses the heat from the sun to produce hot water. It is the most energy-efficient hot water heater as long as it is correctly installed and properly positioned.

What are the Most Common Types of Solar Hot Water Installations on the Market?

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What are Solar Hot Water Heaters made of?

There are several types of solar hot water systems available in the market. They differ significantly between brands and types. The components are basically the same in solar hot water installations and are usually made up of:

Solar collectors

These are the panels that are usually installed on the roofs. These contain an absorber plate that captures the radiation coming from the sun and converts it to heat energy. The number of installed collectors vary based on the amount of sunshine needed and the hot water demand of the business or household.

Heat transfer fluids

These are the antifreeze or potable water that transports the heat from the collectors to the heat exchangers.

Systems Controller

It regulates the temperature inside the tank to make sure it’s not excessively hot and makes sure that the heat transfer fluids carry sufficient heat.

Heat exchangers

These pipes are located in the storage tank and receive the heat from the heat transfer fluids. When these are completely filled in with the heat transfer fluids, the heat is channelled through the water in the storage tank and consequently heats it.

Storage tanks

This is where hot water is kept and stored.

Thermann Solar Hot Water System
Thermann Hot Water Unit


Boosters can be electrical or gas-fuelled. These hot water systems serve as a backup when there is no sufficient sunlight to power the solar hot water system.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Electric Water Heater

Electric hot water systems are one of the most commonly used hot water heaters all over Australia. It is true that you can save water if you install an instantaneous electric hot water system because you only use the water that you need at your demand. This, however, does not hold true for storage electric hot water systems where you have to store hot water in a tank and risk heat loss while it’s on standby. We have looked at the positive side and the negative side of choosing to install an electric hot water system in your household or property:


Solar hot water systems are cheaper to run than traditional hot water systems because the energy source is free. However, the upfront costs of installing hot water are the most expensive than other hot water system alternatives. If you have the ability and the resources to install one, you would see a huge reduction in your energy bills.

Solar hot water maintenance

The solar hot system requires little maintenance. You will need to call for a solar hot water system service to keep up with warranty conditions. A well-maintained solar hot water system can even last up to 20 years. Solar hot water repairs just usually call for the replacement of the heat transfer fluids once every 5 years.

Environmental Impact

It generates the least carbon gas emissions which are far better for the environment. Rest easy at night knowing that you were able to contribute to environmental sustainability by using renewable energy resources.

How Often Will I Require Repairs?

Your electric hot water heater is near its end! You’re not sure what is wrong with it but one thing for sure you have no hot water. When it comes to electric hot water systems and their faults, we have three solutions:

Depending on the type of system that you have will affect the likelihood of repairs. For example, high line solar hot water systems have no mechanical parts with the exception of the element and thermostat. Therefore, these require fewer repairs than that of the low line systems that rely on a pump and sensors to move hot water from the ground to the panels. 

Customers ring the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor and complain that their solar hot water system has never worked properly and that they would like it replaced with a different type.  The most important consideration when it comes to solar hot water is to have an effective solar hot water system installation. For instance, for the solar water heater to work at its optimum it needs a good northerly aspect without any shade at the correct angle for maximum effectiveness. 

If you are thinking about installing solar hot water or even replacing your existing solar water heater, then please do your research and choose a solar hot water system that has the best warranties, and is most suited to your family or business. 

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Thermann Solar Hot Water System
Thermann Hot Water Unit
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