Electric Eel VS Water Jetter – What’s better?

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It’s an argument had by plumbers and customers all over the country.

It’s a debate that has echoed through the halls of Parliament for years. What’s better Electric Eel or Water Jetter.

Whether it’s an electric eel or water jetter that your plumber has, I guarantee you he will get your drain clear. These machines are some of the hardest working tools in a plumbers arsenal.

Both machines do the job required, however, both can also be specific to your needs, and one thing I do know is that most plumbers actually enjoy rolling their sleeves up and getting those blocked drains cleared and running again. There’s a strange sense of satisfaction when you see that water sucking through the sewer once the blockage releases, that only a licensed plumber will ever know.

That all said, I still do have a preference when it comes to using either an electric eel or water jetter.
When I did my apprenticeship water jetters were not readily available unless used for clearing larger commercial type sewer lines, the electric eel was really the only way we cleared blocked drains.

Electric Eel Vs Water Jetter What's Better

Sewer Clearing Using a Water Jetter

Here’s my preferences and why a water jetter is better than electric eel:

  • It saves more time in clearing a blockage since it clears faster than an eel, it also has a tendency to have more power than the mechanical eel.
  • It cleans effectively since it can clear, cut and wash away the tree roots, compared to an eel which leaves tree roots behind, and often can push the blockage further down the line.
  • Water jetters are more efficient and enable us to save time and get the job done more quickly.
  • The jetter is cleaner and less strenuous on the body, hauling a large eel and eel cables around a yard and in and out of our vans is heavy work, best left to the young guns.

In saying all that there is absolutely a place for the electric eel, especially when cleaning from inside a house or an area that can be affected by excess water flow.

At the end of the day this is only my opinion and yes to this day I still use both the electric eel and the water jetters to clear drains. Regardless of the application there is a time and place that I need both machines and it’s still something that I enjoy even after all these years. It’s also a way of how I determine what I purchase. For example if I head out for a meal with my wife or start planning a holiday, I still think of how many blocked drains I have to do to pay for it. I guess that’s why we don’t go on too many holidays, or if we do then it’s why I am so frugal.

So when your local plumber arrives next to clear your blocked drain, go ahead and ask him “what’s better: electric eel or water jetter” and see what he says.

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