Electrical Bathroom Tips

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With so many of us updating our bathrooms let us talk about the best electrical appliances for your bathrooms. These come recommended by the electricians that install them daily and are sure to change how we use our special quiet places/libraries.
Usb Ports Electrical

1. USB Cradle

We live in an era where magazines have been superseded by Phones or tablets. Our favourite place to catch up on our magazine times is still the beloved, bathroom/library. So whether we like it or not, most of us use our toilet time to catch up on things like Facebook, Morning or daily news, gossip or just about anything that the traditional toilet reading used to cover.

One of the hazards when using a tablet or phone when in the (library) is a flat battery, This is a thing of the past as the USB cradle will allow your device to charge at will, along with giving you a secure dry shelf to place your beloved device when not in your grip.

Night Walk Sensor Light

2. Night Light Sensor

So you’ve woken from deep sleep, with a full bladder or dying of thirst however you don’t want to go to the bathroom in fear of switching on the light and waking the rest of the house.

Well, fear no more, this great little product will not only prevent you from waking the house it will also stop you from being blinded by the bright toilet lights. The night walk sensor features an integrated motion sensor that switches on when it detects movement. The LEDs illuminate the way when someone gets up at night, without disturbing others.

Wiring Mat

3. Under Slab Heating Mats

It’s an icy cold winter Monday morning, and the thought of hopping out of bed is enough to make you cringe, let alone heading into the arctic-like bathroom that awaits you. Fear no more as you can now have underfloor heating, cheaply and efficiently, in the way of roll-out heating mats.

These mats are installed prior to your tiling bed and tiles. The mats roll out and are easily wired into your existing power, with high-quality programmable and non-programmable thermostat controls, your bathroom will be one of the most comfortable rooms in the house.

Our licensed electricians are available to assist with any work you require around the home, whether it’s additional power points or ensuring smoke alarms and other fire safety equipment are installed or made available. We serve areas in Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.


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