Electricians 5 Top Tips for Spring

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Spring is here and doesn’t it feel good? It’s amazing how the extra daylight, fresh smells and warmth can really change things for the better. As with any change in season, we find that here are some things we really believe our customers should know about.

Our Top 5 Spring Electrical Tips

1. Watch Out For Those Lines

When digging in the garden please be careful of your incoming power, telephone and data cabling, always be aware and careful, use dial before you dig as before commencing any excavation or ask permission from a licensed electrician if you don’t know where your power lines.

2. Position Your Plants Properly

Plants create an incredible ambience that promotes a sense of serenity but they can also cause damage. Try not to plant trees or shrubs under or near your power lines. They will inevitably grow and potentially cause damage, they never care what comes their way and might only cost extra dollars.

3. Safety First

Ensure your switchboard has safety switches installed. As a general rule, electrical equipment should only be used when connected to a safety switch. The use of safety switches doesn’t mean you can be less careful when using electricity, keep in mind they are no substitute for proper electrical maintenance and safe practices. No one's life is worth risking and these safety devices do and will save lives.

4. Set The Ambiance

Get your outdoor entertaining area ready for summer, install some external lighting and create an atmosphere for you and your guests. Choose a lighting theme that complements your outdoor living ideas.

5. Do Not Do It Yourself

We all love to learn and do most of our household work ourselves, yet, we need to keep in mind that nearly all electrical problems demand the assistance of a licensed electrician to sort them. Never get tempted to fix an electrical issue especially if you have zero knowledge about it. A few dollars are worth spending than risking one's life.

If you would like to be checked by a licensed electrician, give us a call at 131091 were open 24/7 or visit our website. We serve areas in Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, and Hunter Valley.


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