Harness Your Home’s Electrical Power

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Q. If we want to live in a modern and efficient home, what electrical products should we consider?

A. Thanks to a world that is evolving so fast to technology, we have so much on offer that can benefit the way we live. Below are some items that can be easily installed to any house regardless of age or geography:

Wooden Kitchen

USB Wall Charger
The days of searching for the correct charger among a tangle of wires, are a thing of the past. Charge multiple devices simultaneously, simply and neatly by using an integrated USB wall charger. They can easily be retro fitted to existing power points or can be upgraded with all new ranges.

Light timers
Are you sick and tired of continually walking around the house turning the lights off after someone?

Electronic time delay switches are a convenient way to save energy in toilets and bathrooms, or any area that is occupied for a limited or known time. These simple switches are easily programmable and can be set for as little as one minute or for as long as fifteen hours.

Led Lighting
LED lights are highly energy efficient consuming approximately 85% less energy than standard halogen or incandescent lighting. They also last much longer than other types of lighting, meaning you seldom have to replace them.

Motion Sensors
These great devices will change the way you live. Motion and occupancy sensors add convenience and save you money, whether it be in the wardrobe, pantry, garage hallway our pathway these clever little devices can play a huge part in your modern life.

When paired with a light timer and LED lighting they are an effective way to make your home energy efficient.

Security DVR Systems
Modern digital video recording systems enable you to monitor your home and more, no matter where you are in the world, from just about any device. These systems are game changers in the security industry and will allow you piece of mind 24/7 (unless you’re a crook!).

Multi-Room Wireless Audio
In the last 12 months there has been a huge range of wireless audio products hit the market. There are options for every home and every budget and the best speakers provide high end audio run through your homes wireless internet network. They are simple to set up and easy to use.

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