How Can I Prevent Blocked Drains?

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Blocked Sink &Amp; Plunger

Blocked drains can be prevented by keeping it clean and hygienic. Be very careful on what goes down your drains to avoid unpleasant effects.

In The Kitchen – We have to make sure that food doesn’t go down the drain. Do not pour grease directly into it. However if done, pour a boiling water and detergent down the sink to melt away the fat that may have been collected in the pipes.
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In The Bathroom Avoid dropping objects or you may use drain stoppers to be able to avoid dropped objects from blocking the drains. Nappies, tampons, face wipes, cotton, tissue papers should be thrown in the bin and should not be flushed to avoid clogging of the toilet. Remember if its not toilet paper then don’t flush it.
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Best to have drain screens on all your drains. And have a professional check it annually.

Last but not least, do not plant trees on top of or near your sewer or storm water drains.

Tree Roots Cause Blocked Drains

Final Thoughts

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