How Do You Know If You Have a Leak

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Water Leak Faulty Tap Image
Water leaks are costly which adds up to your water bill. They can happen anytime at your property, be it an old or new house.

Here Are Some Things To Check To See If You Have A Water Leak:

1. Check if taps and fixtures are dripping. Dripping taps usually just need a replacement washer.
2. Note if there is any water pooling underneath the fridge, dishwasher, washing machine or laundry. These are signs that there is a leak on these appliances.
3. Check cupboards and vanities if they are out of shape or have water marks and discolouration which could indicate a hidden leak near these areas.
4. Check for cistern leaks by placing food colouring on the cistern and checking if the colour appears on the toilet bowl. If it does, then there is a leak on your cistern. Or you can place a dry toilet paper at the back of the bowl and check if it gets damp which is a sign of a leaking.
5. Check outside for any constantly wet and damp area on the yard. These are signs that there might be leaking pipe or burst pipe underneath.
6. Check the hot water system for any water drips on the side and bottom of the unit.
7. The best way to check for a leak is to turn off your water meter, take a reading and leave it off for 30 minutes to an hour. After that, check the reading and compare to the previous reading. If it goes up, then there is a leak somewhere in your property.

If you notice that you have a water leak, call The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor at 13 10 91 immediately so as to fix the leaking problem right away. Serving areas in Newcastle, Canberra, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens.

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