How to Avoid Plumbing Disasters 2

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Tips To Prevent Plumbing Disasters Around The House

Over the next few weeks we will look at possible plumbing disasters and how to prevent them around your house this summer. We all hate dealing with problems, especially when we talk about our house plumbing system, From minor leaking taps to major drain blockage. So here we have a couple of tips to prevent plumbing disasters around the house.

Week 2

Things to check:

Bathroom And Laundry

Baths, showers, basins, washing machines and tubs. Try to ensure that a majority of water is the only thing going down the drains to prevent blockages and smells. Floor drains, believe it or not, it’s very common that your bath, shower, washing machine, tubs and basins all flow into your floor drains. Therefore, you must be aware of what you are putting down your drains, as they may cause blockages leading to flooding or even just causing a foul smell or odour.

Grey Modern Bathroom


It’s really important that your taps are maintained, as they can easily cause water wastage and flooding, so always ensure that you replace the flexible hoses every five years and ensure taps are not leaking and operate correctly.

Hand Holding Broken Pipe


In my opinion one, of the most valuable inventions of the modern era, however like with all things its a good idea to keep your toilet in great working order and make sure to call a professional plumber to repair leaking toilet and other toilet problems.

Pipe Broken Toilet

So Here Are A Few Basic Rules

1. Don’t flush anything other than what you ate or drank, along with toilet paper down the drain.
Flushing Toilet
2. Ensure your cistern doesn’t leak and waste water, and replace the flexible hose  every five years.
Broken Toilet
3. If your house has a history of drain blockages, please maintain it yearly to avoid any inconveniences or even worse drain replacement.
Overflowing Sink
4. If you find that your drains are slow to flush away, don’t wait until its completely blocked, deal with the problem quickly.
Plunger Blocked Toilet
5. Double check slow flushing toilets. this indicates that a blockage is present down somewhere.
Clear Drain

 If you have multiple toilets make sure to check all of them to determine if it’s an isolate issue or a general blockage.  Also check for water leaks in toilet cisterns, cisterns that are continuously running could be an issue for water bills. Don’t wait for the issue to worsen.

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