How to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

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Preventing Summer Plumbing Disasters: Week 1

Summer is a season of relaxation and enjoyment, and the last thing you want to deal with is plumbing problems in your home. From annoying leaking taps to major drain blockages, plumbing disasters can quickly turn a sunny day into a headache. Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore how you can safeguard your home against these issues. In this first instalment, we’ll focus on the heart of your home – the kitchen – and share some valuable tips to prevent plumbing disasters.

Week 1: Kitchen Sinks and Drains, Taps, Water Filters, and Dishwashers

Sink Pipe Being Fixed Avoid Plumbing Disasters

1. Kitchen Sinks and Drains:

Blocked sinks are a common nuisance, but you can avoid them by being mindful of what goes down your drain. Hot oil and fats might seem to disappear when you pour them down the sink, but they can cause blockages further down the line. Additionally, limit the amount of food scraps that find their way into the drain. A drain strainer can be a handy tool to help with this.

Tap Being Fixed

2. Taps:

Investing in quality kitchen taps is essential. Your kitchen tap is one of the hardest working fixtures in your home and deserves to be reliable. Remember the saying, "You get what you pay for." To prevent burst pipes or breakages, opt for taps of good quality. Also, take note that most taps and mixers these days come with flexible hoses. These hoses can lead to major flooding issues if they fail. To safeguard your home, replace these hoses every five years. Additionally, consider installing a pressure limiting valve to protect your appliances and prevent burst pipes.

Ice From Fridge

3. Water Filters and Fridge Water/Ice Makers:

Enjoy the convenience of fresh drinking water from your fridge or water filter, but be aware of their potential for leaks or flooding. Periodically check the condition of the pipework and valves, replacing them at least every five years. For added security, place your fridge or filter in a safe waste tray to catch any potential leaks and ensure proper drainage. This extra precaution may seem like overkill, but it can save you from a significant headache down the road.

Clean Dishwasher With Dishes

4. Dishwashers:

Dishwashers are a modern convenience, but they require some TLC to prevent disasters. Install a pressure-limiting valve to prevent burst hoses. Be cautious about food scraps entering the dishwasher, as they can clog the drain or pump. Additionally, replace the inlet hose every five years to keep your dishwasher in top shape.

In this first instalment, we’ve provided essential tips to help you prevent plumbing disasters in your kitchen. Remember, “Prevention is always better than cure.” Join us next week for more valuable insights to keep your home plumbing hassle-free throughout the summer.


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