How to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

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Plumbing Disasters Girl Cleaning Floor
Plumbing Burst Pipe
Over the next few weeks we will look at possible plumbing disasters and how to prevent them around your house this summer. We all hate dealing with problems, especially when we talk about our house plumbing system, From minor leaking taps to major drain blockage.

So Here We Have A Couple Of Tips To Prevent Plumbing Disasters Around The House

Week 1

Kitchen Sinks And Drains

Ever had a blocked sink? Prevent blocked sink drains by being aware of what you put down your drain. Don’t tip hot oil or fat down the drain, it really doesn’t disappear. Limit the amount of food scraps that go down the drain.
Sink Pipe Being Fixed Avoid Plumbing Disasters


Heard the saying “you get what you pay for” well this rings true when it comes to kitchen taps, the kitchen tap is arguably the hardest working tap in the house and needs to be of good quality to avoid leaking or breaking. Every tap and mixer installed these days are attached to flexible hoses. These little hoses are the cause of major issues when it comes to flooding houses, so if you don’t want to have your house flooded, ensure that you replace your flexible hoses every five years. Another good tip is ensure that your house has a pressure limiting valve installed to protect all of your appliances and to help prevent burst pipes.
Tap Being Fixed

Water Filters And Fridge Water/Ice Makers

We all need water and what better way of getting nice fresh drinking water than from the convenience of your fridge or water filter. However there is a dark side to these wonderful inventions, and that is they tend to be susceptible to leaking/flooding. Ensure that you check the condition of your pipe work and possibly replace it and the valves at least every 5 years or even better install your fridge or filter in safe waste tray to catch any flooding and have it drain away. Sounds like an overkill, however, I speak from experience when I say this and I do practice what I preach.
Ice From Fridge


Dishwashers are a wonderful addition to any home, however they do require some love in order to prevent disasters, ensure that your dishwasher has a pressure limiting valve installed, this will help prevent any burst hoses . Avoid food scraps going into the dishwasher and blocking the drain/pump. Replace your inlet hose every five years. There goes our first week of tips to prevent plumbing disasters. Next week we will ponder more on points to prevent these nasty troubles. Remember “Prevention is always better than cure”.
Clean Dishwasher With Dishes
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