Kitchen Plumbing and Electrical Tips/Ideas

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Kitchen Plumbing And Electrician

The Kitchen is arguably the most important room in an Australian house. It’s where we cook, socialize, make decisions, communicate, argue, create and laugh. The Kitchen is and should be a well-thought-out and usable room for the entire family. An Australian kitchen is typically equipped with a sink, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a cooktop, a utensil cabinet and other electrical appliances.

A kitchen’s plumbing system consists of water supply lines and, in many cases, a gas supply pipe. Also, a kitchen consists of a series of pipes that takes the sewage away. Given that, the kitchen is also an area of the household that needs constant care and sprucing up. Below are some Tips and ideas that we believe should be considered and applied to your Kitchen.


Kitchens are adaptable spaces and are used for a whole orbit of occasions. There are so many styles to light your kitchen nowadays that it can be hard to decide which to go for. Check out these lighting techniques.

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Down Lights

Chose the bright light option as it will cast a much cleaner light, this is essential in the kitchen especially when using sharp Knives. Light positioning is essential and should be directly above or just in front of prep areas, this will prevent shadows over your prep areas.
Lighting In Outdoor Area

Pendant Lights

With bright LED globes, these lights can be more specific to your work areas and again should be bright and positioned above or in front of prep areas.
Kitchen Led Lighting

Strip Lighting

Led strip lighting can add a great feature to your kitchen and will create an atmosphere when the other lights are not being used.


Flexi-hoses are highly neglected in the kitchen. They need consideration as much as the other plumbing areas in the kitchen. Pay attention to these details.


When purchasing flexi-hose, be sure to check out warranty period.


Flexi-hoses should be replaced every 5 years.


Current flexi-hoses must be checked by a licensed plumber and new ones must be installed by a licensed plumber to safeguard your home from leakages and damages.

Double Check

If one flexi-hose is compromised, consider having all flexi-hose checked for possible replacement.


Turn off water main when going away for a long time, It would help prevent future leakages and damages.


The Oven is something that you’ll want to be happy with. There are a lot of factors you need to consider in choosing an oven. Below are things you need to consider before buying one.


Go for ovens with catalytic liners which are treated with special chemicals and materials and are fantastic in absorbing grease and with pyrolytic cleaning, which is an automatic cleaning function.


Some ovens have fancy modes, pick one that is simple and suits your needs.


Ovens are equipped with glass windows. Choose an oven with bright internal light so you can monitor your cooking properly.


Make sure your oven is of high quality. The higher the quality the better the safety is.


Make sure the the controls are intuitive and easy to understanding away for a long time, It would help prevent future leakages and damages.

Sink And Tap Ware

Ensure your sink and tapware make sense in the space, the size of your tapware should be proportional with the size of your sink. Opting for quality is also a must, it would be an investment. A quality sink and tap ware set should serve you well in the future.

Kitchen Benchtop

Laminate kitchen benchtops are the least expensive type of benchtop. For that reason alone, they are often considered inferior to more expensive benchtops. However, many kitchen designers recommend laminate even to clients who can afford far more expensive benchtops. Designer laminate benchtops can be perfect in a modern kitchen and laminates can have photo-realistic images that make them almost indistinguishable from far more expensive benchtops.


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