Making a Decision on Hot Water Systems

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We all know of the importance of clean healthy water. It’s the earths most valuable commodity and one that without which life would not exist. Yet we so often take it for-granted, especially when it comes to our hot water. It’s not until we wake up to a cold shower that it suddenly becomes a priority.

If you are in the position of needing to decide on buying a hot water system, chances are you need to make that decision sooner rather than later. We have put together a top 10 of what you need to consider before you decide, because the wrong decision could not only be a waste of money, but you could be wasting a valuable resource.

Top 10 Questions When Buying A New Hot Water System

In the market for a new hot water service. Make sure you choose the right system for you with this top 10 list.

1. Shower Power

What’s the maximum number of people showering at your place? What times do they shower? Is there a rush for the shower in the morning, in the evening, or is it a combination of the two?

2. Get Connected

What utilities (gas, electricity, solar) are connected to your house already? You could save money by switching.

3. Type

Once you choose if you want gas, electric or solar, you still have a range of choices. Types of hot water systems available include:
  • Storage vs Continuous flow vs Heat pump
  • Flat panel solar vs Evacuated tubes
  • High line solar vs Lo line solar

4. Manufacturers

Some brands stand out for certain products more than others. Ask the experts and do your own research on which manufacturer is right for you.

5. Green Energy

Is the environment part of our consideration? Water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home so ensure you get advice on what has the least impact on the environment.

6. Question Of Cost

Consider upfront price vs long term savings. Prices vary greatly, so work out what your budget is and what is available within your range.

7. Tight Fit

If you are restricted by space, there are options to choose from. See what is available and what will suit your space.

8. Worthwhile Warranty

Consider your warranty. What do the manufacturers and installers offer should something go wrong? Does the installer offer workmanship guarantees?

9. Nothing Like Experience

Seek out a long standing reputable company to do your install and ensure they explain the options to suit your households needs.

10. Specialist Advice

A new system is a costly investment, so take your time and ask a hot water plumber for their advice. It’s worth the extra cost for the right solution.

For your hot water needs don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We serve areas in Canberra, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens. So if you’re in the middle of making a hot water decision, give us a call at 131091 were open 24/7 or visit our website.

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