My Top Five Bathroom Products to Install to Your Existing Bathroom This Autumn

Heading into the colder months there are a few items that i think all bathrooms could use for a quick refresh or just to make it a little bit more comfortable. Each one of these items can be easily retrofitted to your existing bathroom, and wont break the bank.

1) At the top of the list is a pet hate of mine, a damp towel, why not install one of these heated towel rails and have a nice crisp warm towel at all times.

2) There is nothing worse than getting out of a nice warm bed and into a freezing cold bathroom, so to prevent this i would install a heat lamp fan combo.

3) Bathroom friendly plants, bathrooms are often very harsh rooms that doesn’t show a lot of character, in my opinion, that bathroom should be your sanctuary, therefore why not have few bathroom friendly plants to soften the area.

4) Japanese style toilet seats, if you haven’t tried one then, do yourself a favor, these little beauties will change the way you use the throne forever, however please be aware that not all styles meet the Australian Standards and they must be installed by a licensed plumber.

5) Shower shaving mirror, these little gadgets speed up my prep time and stop my partner from getting exasperated by whiskers in the sink. Fog-less and water proof.

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