My Top Five Bathroom Products to Install to Your Existing Bathroom This Autumn

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Toilet And Drain

Heading into the colder months there are a few items that I think all bathrooms could use for a quick refresh or just to make it a little bit more comfortable. Each one of these items can be easily retrofitted to your existing bathroom, and wont break the bank.

1. At the top of the list is a pet hate of mine, a damp towel, why not install one of these heated towel rails and have a nice crisp warm towel at all times.

Grey Modern Bathroom

2. There is nothing worse than getting out of a nice warm bed and into a freezing cold bathroom, so to prevent this I would install a heat lamp fan combo

Modern Led Lighting

3. Bathroom friendly plants. Bathrooms are often very harsh rooms that don’t show a lot of character. In my opinion, the bathroom should be your sanctuary, therefore why not have a few bathroom friendly plants to soften the area.

White Bathroom

4. Japanese style toilet seats, if you haven’t tried one then do yourself a favour. These little beauties will change the way you use the throne forever, however please be aware that not all styles meet the Australian Standards and they must be installed by a licensed plumber.

Electronic Toilet Seat

5. Shower shaving mirror, these little gadgets speed up my prep time and stop my partner from getting exasperated by whiskers in the sink. Fog-less and water proof.

Electric Shaving Mirror

If you would like to have your water meter and bathroom fittings checked by a licensed plumber, give us a call at 131091 we’re open 24/7 or visit our website.

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