No Toilet Paper? No Problem

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No toilet paper? You need Plan B!

It seems that Australia is in the middle of a toilet paper crisis, on the back of the more pressing Coronavirus pandemic.  Due to the shortages of toilet paper supplies currently and possibly into the near future, we would like to offer a great, environment-friendly and cost-efficient addition to your toilet that may save you some issues if toilet paper becomes even, more scarce.

Those of us that have travelled would have seen a handheld trigger type sprayer that sits next to the toilet. This handheld bidet sprayer is used throughout many parts of the world in conjunction or instead of toilet paper, especially in Japan and some parts of Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Bidet is a water hose-like hand-held toilet fixture that sprays water to your backside at a strong enough water pressure. 

Bidet Spray
CAUTION! It's illegal to install a handheld bidet without the appropriate backflow devices and by anyone who is not a licensed plumber.

Benefits of Bidet

Why is the rest of the world is obsessed with a bidet? Here are some benefits a bidet can offer you and your family.

  1. Better toilet hygiene. Toilet habit is usually not talked about or even taboo. But have you experienced feeling unclean because of some remaining residue after you use dry toilet paper? Bidets leave you feeling incredibly refreshed and clean with no residue.
  2. It’s environment-friendly. Can you imagine how many trees are cut down and how much water is used so people can enjoy the convenience of toilet paper?  Toilet papers are usually sourced from virgin forests and it takes 37 gallons to make one toilet paper roll.
  3. It’s safe to use. It is recommended for the elderly and people who recently underwent surgery. Washing with water is gentler than using toilet paper especially if you hurt somewhere.

No toilet paper? No problem! 

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is offering to all of our customers the supply and install of Australian approved backflow prevented handheld bidets at a discounted rate for the next month to assist in the shortage of toilet paper that we are facing with many suppliers.  Call the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor NOW and have your very own bidet installed for only $360.