Shining a Light on Solar Hot Water

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Rheem Solar Hot Water Panel


I’ve been considering solar hot water heating. Is this the best way to go in terms of costs ongoing? What are the other pros and cons?

Water heating is the single biggest energy cost for most of Australian households, therefore it really makes sense to look for cheaper and more effective alternatives to traditional water heating methods.

Solar hot water is an excellent environmental and financial investment. By switching from a traditional electric system you can significantly reduce fossil fuel energy use, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3 tons for the average household. Not only will you be helping the environment by installing a solar hot water system, you could also enjoy substantial savings by utilizing the free energy of the sun. Federal incentives can also reduce the price shock on the initial outlay.

On the downside, solar hot water heating needs to have panels installed on your roof which can take up space. Depending on the aspect and type of roof you have then this can also have its own problems. As well as a higher initial cost, there are more moving parts which can mean more parts that need to be serviced and repaired. Performance of a solar hot water system is also dependent on sunlight. When the panels are not receiving enough sunlight to run fully off the energy of the sun then a gas or electric booster needs to be employed to ‘top up’ the system.

The important thing is to seek out a reliable brand known for its quality, and look closely at the warranties provided should something go wrong, as these vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Our hot water specialists can answer all your questions easily and effectively for you whilst on site, and recommend the perfect system to suit your needs and budget.

A solar hot water system not only a good choice for the environment but in the long run also for your pocket. In most cases it is the best solution for the modern Australian household and should be considered when replacing your existing hot water system.

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