Should I Cut Down My Trees OR Replace My Drains?

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Tree Roots Cause Blocked Drains

If you are facing the dilemma of whether to cut down your trees or replace your drains, it’s important to consider the factors that contribute to drain blockages and the potential solutions available.

One common cause of drain blockages is the infiltration of tree roots into the piping system. This issue is more prevalent in older homes with decayed or compromised piping systems. Over time, small cracks or gaps in the pipes can develop, allowing tree roots to seek out moisture and nutrients. These roots can then grow into the pipes, causing blockages and hindering the flow of wastewater.

Blocked Pipe Tree Root Removal

To address this problem, one effective solution is to replace the older, decayed piping system with a more durable and modern alternative, such as a PVC drain pipe. PVC pipes are resistant to root intrusion due to their smooth surface and sturdy construction. By installing PVC drains, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of tree roots infiltrating the piping system, thereby minimizing drain blockages.

By opting for drain pipe replacement, you can preserve the existing trees on your property. Cutting down trees should only be considered as a last resort when there are no other viable options available. Trees provide numerous benefits, including shade, aesthetics, and environmental contributions, such as oxygen production and carbon dioxide absorption.

However, it’s essential to note that replacing the drains alone may not completely eliminate the possibility of future root intrusion. Regular maintenance and periodic cleaning of the sewer pipes are still necessary to prevent any potential blockages caused by roots. Professional plumbers can perform routine inspections and employ techniques such as hydro jetting or root cutting to clear any root growth in the pipes, ensuring the smooth operation of your drainage system.

In summary, if you’re facing drain blockages due to root infiltration, it is generally recommended to replace the older piping system with a PVC drain pipe. This solution helps prevent further root intrusion and maintains the health of your trees. Remember to consult with plumbing professionals to assess your specific situation and determine the most suitable course of action.

Plumber Repairing After Storm

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