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We all enjoy a nice hot shower, especially during the cooler months, but it is important to be aware that bathrooms are extremely prone to mold build up due steam created by high humidity. This steam then penetrates every crevice and texture in the bathroom, and once it cools down it condensates. Condensation feeds mold, mildew, and in some serious cases can contribute to structural rot.

How Can You avoid Mould Build Up?

You will need to provide a means of expelling the moist hot air. Installing a ventilation or extraction fan is an ideal way to remove humid air from your bathroom, before it has the chance to condense. It can also aid in removing any unpleasant odours.

As For Where To Extract The Air, Well There Are 3 Options:

Through The Roof

Extracting condensation through a roof vent is sometimes your only option. This involves running duct work from the fan though your roof space, and out through the roof. In order to accomplish this, the roof has to have a hole cut in it. Because of this one factor, many builders would advise against this method. Most professionals believe that the roof should not be cut unnecessarily.

External Walls

No matter where in the house your bathroom is located, you can always vent an exhaust van through an existing walls. Some extraction units will connect straight to an external wall removing the need to having ducting running through wall cavities and ceilings. This means less disruption to your existing structure and units can be plugged directly in to an existing power outlet where available.

Internal Walls

Sometimes the only option for your extraction fan is through an internal wall connected by ducting to a vent either in on an external wall or the roof. How much ducting is required depends on the location of the bathroom, but always aim to have the shortest route possible to reduce the disruption to existing walls, and reduce the chance of a leak.

3 in 1 Extraction Fans

An extraction fan, a light and a heat source all in one. 3 in 1 extraction fans are very common in Australia. They save time, money and space by combining 3 common features in one compact unit. When looking for extraction fans be sure to read reviews and choose a reliable unit with a good warranty. There are some brands that are better than others so it is best to get advice on which is the best one for your homes needs.

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