Surge Protectors

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Rcd Protecting Power Circuits

On February the 22nd we were flooded with calls following the high voltage power surge that hit Maryville, Islington and Wickham after a Bat caused some serious issues to the power mains. Some of our customers were without power and needed someone to help them out – fast. There were so many calls that we had to pass some of the work on to our partners. We wanted to ensure that all of our customers were back in business as soon as possible.

Worse still, a number found that even when their power was back on their electrical devices had stopped working. The Bats had created a power surge that not only knocked out their electricity but also overloaded the electricity in their appliances.

What Can Be Done?

This got us thinking, what can our customers do to prevent this from happening the next time there is an electrical storm or God forbid another bat? We can’t stop the lightning strikes, but we can protect your home from them by installing a surge diverter on your circuit board.

Why Do You Need a Surge Diverter?

In the event of a power surge (like when lightning strikes or a power line goes down) electrical devices connected to your power sockets may overload and stop working. Items such as:


Home Theatre Systems



Fuses & Lights

Fridges/Freezers and more…

Some manufacturers (especially of computers) may even void warranties if you use their devices without surge protection in place.

How Does A Surge Diverter Work?

Diverters are different to surge protectors. Surge protectors are plugged into the wall, and then your electrical device is plugged into it. But this means you would need one surge protector for every device you want to protect, and it won’t protect the wiring in your walls or your fuses.

The alternative is to install a Surge Diverter on your circuit board which will protect your home and any devices plugged into your power supply down the line from the device.  These diverters act like a switch – when they detect a sudden surge in the flow of electricity into your home, they divert the surge safely away to the earth, protecting you and your appliances.

Special Offer

When lightning strikes, and you don’t have surge protection it can cause a lot of damage to your home and your appliances. The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor is running a special offer until the end of May – make your booking before the end of the month and we will install a Surge Diverter in your home for just $400SAVE $100!

Call our licensed electricians now and make a booking. We are serving areas in Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens


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