Tips to Secure Your Home When Going Away during the Holidays

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North Gosford

The first month of the Australian summer brings the holiday vibes along with the summer heat.

Bustling activities from Christmas fairs to music festivals will soon fill in our December calendar, coupled with quick getaways to the beach to cool off and breathe in the fresh sea breeze. You might have already planned a week-long holiday.  But have you secured a home when you go away this holiday season?

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1. Check Your Pipes For Potential Leaks

There is nothing more awful than coming home to a dripping ceiling that is threatening to collapse at any minute. Or opening the doors to see that the whole floor is flooded with water. Always inspect the taps and pipes in your upstairs bathroom and toilet for leaks. Pay special attention to flexible hoses as these are most susceptible to cracks. It may pay dividends to turn off the water to these fixtures when going away.
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2. Unplug your Gadgets and Appliances

Kitchen appliances like coffee makers, dishwashers and refrigerators, and entertainment appliances like the TV, PlayStations and cable box all consume energy when plugged in. Unplugging these will help protect them from damage due to power surges, overloading and overheating. On the plus side, you can also save on your electric bills. Put your hot water systems on vacation mode if your unit has this setting.  If not, you can always turn them off at your switchboard for electric units or gas valve for gas units.
Plus tip: If a member of the family will be left behind for some reason, prepare a note to guide them to where the circuit breakers and shutdown valves are, in case of emergency.
Yard Garden

3. Tidy Up Your Home Yard Before Going To Holidays

Sweep off the dry leaves and garden waste. Trim the foliage in your yard before you leave the house. These stems and leaves could block your sewer and stormwater drains.  With the hot weather, it is also easy for these things to catch fire. Remember to cut off tree branches that may fall into your power lines. An unkempt yard is also a sign that nobody is home, making it an ideal target for burglars. Remove ladders and tuck away your outdoor barbecue grills. If you have a neighbour or a relative nearby, request them to collect your mail and magazine subscriptions.
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4. Test Your Security System

Check if the batteries in your smoke alarm are still working. If not, replace them immediately. Make sure that your security cameras are running and that the alarm system is working properly. If you have a monitored alarm system, contact your provider that you would not be home on the given dates.

There is nothing wrong with being extra careful in keeping your home safe from plumbing disasters, fire, and burglary. If you need an electrician to upgrade your home security system or need a professional plumber to fix your broken pipes or blocked drains, contact us to book an appointment. Your local plumbers and electricians at the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor will be delighted to secure your home these holidays.

Do not let these things ruin your holiday cheer!


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