Top 10 Causes of Blocked Drains

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Top 10 Causes Of Blocked Drains

Ever had a blocked drain? Ever wondered why it continually happens to you, check out my top ten reasons for a blocked drain, and then check out my top ten ways to prevent it.


1. Grease

Grease tends to block up our kitchen regularly and yet this is a straightforward one to prevent and eliminate.

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2. Fat

This is another common cause of blockages, and yet fat is different from grease, fat tends to come in several different forms, body fat that is washed down our shower drains and toilets along with cooking fat/animal fat that is put down our kitchen sinks, either way Fat is a shocker for blocking up our sewer drains and waste lines.

Hair In The Shower Cause Blockeddrain

3. Hair

Is a common issue with blocking showers and basins, we all lose hair some of us more than others, I remember the days of actually having a fringe and a small forehead. Hair especially long hair tends to get stuck in drains and catch other solids. I’ve experienced hair blockages that are several meters long being pulled from drains, they are a horrible sight especially after they have been in a drain for several months.
Toilet Paper

4. Toiletries

This one seems unlikely however those little toilet deodorisers that sit on the side of your toilets are major contributors to blocked toilets, they have a constant habit of being knocked off the side of the bowl and being flushed down the drain, where they inevitably get stuck on pipework somewhere in the drain.
Tree Roots Infiltration On Drains

5. Tree Roots

The old tree root invasion is by far the most common cause of Blocked drains in Australia, and rightfully so. Most of our houses and yards have beautiful large trees and all of our houses have sewer lines. Now what more would a large tree like than a warm extremely fertile and nutrient-filled sewer drain? The tree roots are truly amazing they will find a hairline crack or break in a sewer drain in no time, then work their way into that crack until they infest the drain, slurping its goodness until a plumber arrives to save the day.
Roof Gutter

6. Leaves

Are great at blocking up our stormwater drains, they generally start in our gutters, then flow down the downpipes and settle in our stormwater drains. Once in our drains they break down and start blocking up the drains catching more and more leaves and eventually blocking them up entirely and filling the drain.
Foreign Objects

7. Foreign Objects

These aren’t objects from Europe these are objects that have been placed in a drain that has no right being in a drain, many many times in my career as a plumber have I found drains blocked with foreign objects, including Kids’ toys, animals, stones, balls, sanitary items, baby wipes tools and many more.
Heavy Rain

8. Heavy Rain and Storms

Sometimes overwhelms drains, especially drains that are not in great condition. When we experience torrential rains the water just can’t get away fast enough, and will inevitably block the drain, this can cause serious damage to property and often people.
Burst Pipe

9. Broken Pipes

Broken or displaced pipes caused by trees or even just ground movement are a continual cause of blocked drains, as you can imagine a displaced pipe will have an edge or lip that catches solids and paper that is flushed through the drains, once these lips catch the paper and solids we experience a domino effect of solids and waste building up and eventually blocking the drain.
Plumbing Burst Pipe

10. Poor Workmanship Or Installation

Another factor in blocked drains, we often see incorrect pipe sizing, which can cause blocked drains, or drains laid in a manner that water cannot flow, for example, a drain that is falling uphill. Sometimes when drains are laid they may have a dip or belly in them, this dip allows water to flow past but will catch solids and block the drain.

Whatever causes your blocked drains, The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor can help you fix it. We get your drains cleaned, relined and replaced using our latest technology to locate any causes of your blocked drains. Call a local plumber near you to get the problem done. We serve areas in Newcastle, Canberra, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens.


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