Water Saving Ideas

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Clean fresh drinking water is one of life’s inescapable necessities. Even when your part of Australia isn’t in drought, there are still plenty of environmental and cost advantages to saving water and despite a decrease in household water use over the past few years, household water prices are trending upward, and a combination of population growth and climate change almost guarantees that water availability isn’t going to improve if we maintain our current patterns of use.

The Doctors Simple Water Saving Tips

1. Take shorter showers – For a few dollars you can purchase a shower timer, these great little devices help you and the family control your water usage, You can also save up to 11 litres of water every minute by installing a water efficient shower head.
2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, no need to waste the water whilst polishing those pearly whites.
3. Use a plug in the sink when preparing vegetables, washing fruit or washing dishes by hand.
4. Use mulch or compost in the garden to increase water absorption and the moisture content of your soil, this will also increase the nitrogen content of your soil and make it healthier for your plants.
5. Fix those leaking taps – Even a slowly dripping tap can waste up to 20,000 litres a year – Water you pay for but never use. This is just a waste, and not something the world can afford.
6. Keep a bottle of tap water in the fridge for drinking. This way you don’t need to run the tap in summer until it gets cold enough for drink.
7. For older toilets without water saving features (like a dual flush), you need to look at replacing your toilet suite. Old toilets use over 12 litres every flush, new toilets use only 6 litres on a full flush or 3 litres on half flush.
8. Only use your dishwasher and washing machine with full loads to optimise water usage, or change the settings to suit the load. Our dishwashers are designed for Europe not Australia, so really look at the settings and reduce the cycle where possible.
9. Install a water tank. In many locations, installing a water tank to collect roof run off is an easy and practical way of gathering rainwater for use in the home or garden. If you have the space, why not use the water you can collect?
If you notice that you have a water leak, call The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor at 13 10 91 immediately so as to fix the leaking problem right away. Serving areas in Newcastle, Canberra, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens.
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