What are the Factors in Buying the Best Hot Water System?

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What Are The Factors In Buying The Best Hot Water System

Chilly showers are a norm in countries that experience the winter season. Therefore, it is common for someone who lives in Australia to purchase a hot water system for their home. It helps keep them warm during quick showers and long baths.

However, nonprofessionals do not know everything about water heaters. So, it is only natural that they do not know the best hot water heating system for their household. And, this is why we created this article. We want to inform you of the things you need to consider before buying a water heater.

What else? We also curated a list of the best hot water system available in the market. Now, without further ado, let us get to it.

Key Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Hot Water System

Looking for the best hot water heating system is important. But first, we have to know the components that determine a great water heater. So, here are the key factors you need to consider when you want to buy a water heater.

Types Of Water Heaters

There are various types of hot water heating systems available in the market. Depending on your needs, you might prefer a kind of heater compared to others. To help you decide which sort of water heating system is most suitable for you, we’ve listed some of them:

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water System gets heated by gas. This type of water heater is very common throughout most parts of the east coast, where natural gas is piped to many houses and suburbs. One of the best things about gas water heaters is their recovery time, gas water heaters will replenish the heat back into the water faster than a traditional electric unit. Gas hot water tanks can be installed both inside and out, however, there are fewer options internally and really as professionals we believe installing gas water heaters outside is far more advisable. Always ensure when using a heater like this that it has been installed by a professional as gas can be dangerous if not handled correctly.
Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water System

An Electric Water Heater is the most common water heater in Australia  and obviously needs electricity for it to work. There are several tricks to ensure that these units run economically for you, so be sure to contact a professional when installing or think of installing an electric water heater as you really need to buy the unit that suits your needs. Despite that, this hot water system has some great things about it. It does not make any noise and are marginally safer to use than gas. Installing heaters like this can be done inside the house, and run in conjunction with solar power these  heaters really come into their own.
Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water systems are the hype right now because of their environmental friendliness. They require minimal maintenance. Still, a heater like this is expensive. But, if you plan on investing in a high-quality water heater that can last you for years, then this is your best choice, and more often than not a solar water heater will pay for itself within a matter of years.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat Pump Hot Water systems are also environmentally friendly. However, unlike solar water heaters, they still require electricity. But, heat pump water heaters require less energy than electric hot water systems by about half. The disadvantage of buying a heater like this is that they are slower to recover and does make some noise however it isn’t offensive, similar to that of an air conditioner. These water heaters are ideal for using with solar power to reduce your consumption even further.

Energy Consumption

If you know where your water heater gets its energy to work i.e. gas, or electricity, you also will be able to predict how much you have to spend running your heater. So, if you prefer to spend a large amount of money to buy a quality heater, you get to spend less on energy consumption. And, vice versa.


The capacity of the hot water system you need depends on your hot water consumption, for example, you may have a spa bath that you use regularly or 5 teenagers, if this is the case then a larger faster recovery unit is what you need, however, if you only have a small two bedroom house with 1 person using the hot water then you likely only need a small capacity unit.


Before purchasing a hot water heating system, you have to consider the space where you will be installing your heater. Why? Because the model you will buy might not fit in the allocated space for the unit. Also, you need to look into the installation instructions for the water heater. It will let you know whether you have to install it outside or inside the house.


Now that we know the factors that determine a great water system, we also have to know the best water heaters in the market. To help you with this, we curated this list of the best water heaters. So let’s get to it:

5 Best Hot Water Heating Systems

Knowing which water heating system you can buy entirely depends on your budget. There is nothing wrong with having a small budget allotted for your water heater. Water heating systems can be affordable and still be of great quality. Nonetheless, if you are willing to spend more money, then your options can get bigger.

1. Rheem Hiline 300L Solar Hot Water System

Rheem is a brand that produces home appliances and has made a name for itself. So, it is no wonder that this brand also made a water heater that the public likes. Rheem Hiline 300L is a solar hot water system that the company takes pride in. It has a capacity of 300L that can provide water for five people in one go. This close-coupled solar water heater uses the thermo-siphoning principle to circulate the water through the collectors and then to the storage cylinder without the need to consume energy. How cool is that? But here’s the thing: We already mentioned that solar water heaters are pricey, and Rheem Hiline 300L is no exception to that. However, if you think about the amount of money you are going to save due to the energy efficiency of this device, it is worth it.

2. Rheem MPi-325 Series II Heat Pump change to the EVO 270L

Rheem is one of the leading brands in providing water heaters in Australia. Their products are approved by the public and experts. In line with this, Rheem MPi-325 Series II is a water heater model that has been positively received. It’s a heat pump hot water system that operates once connected to electricity. The size of this water heater is appropriate for large families since it can accommodate up to five people. It can fit small spaces despite its large storage capacity of 325L. Want to know the best part? This water heater is energy-efficient since it cuts energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65%.
Thermann is a Japanese company that supplies Australian households with top-quality hot water systems that are made affordable. Their brand offers a variety of water heaters from electric water heaters to solar hot water systems. However, a public favourite is the Thermann 6 Star 26L. Thermann 6 Star 26L is a gas water heater that runs on Propane and LPG. This model has a storage capacity of 26L per minute and can provide water to three bathrooms. It is a continuous-flow gas unit, meaning it heats the water as you use it.

4. Rheem Stellar 250L Electric Hot Water – Single Element

Rheem Stellar 250L Electric Hot Water is the most suitable water heater for small to medium-sized families. It has a water capacity of 250L that can be used by 1-5 people.  It’s been proven to be durable, and it can help save money in the long run with its superior energy efficiency. Also, this model has main pressure. This feature makes this model convenient since you can run hot water on your dishwasher while using the tap at the same time. What’s more, you can also save money on your energy bills because this model is designed for off-peak energy rates.

5. Rheem 5 Star 340 – 155L Gas Hot Water System

Rheem 5 Star 340-155L is a gas hot water system with a 340L first-hour capacity. This model is suitable for small to medium-sized families. It can provide water to one to five people in one go. And the best part about this product is its lightness which makes it easy to install. Plus, Rheem 5 Star does not require an anode, and so you can save on maintenance. This means that you can save money in the long run if you choose this product.

To Sum It All Up

Multiple water heating systems are for sale in the market right now. So, choosing the best one for your home can be confusing. And, we want to help you with this, that’s why we created this article to help you know how to find the best water heater. We also listed a few hot water heating systems that are proven to be top-notch right now.

Still, if you cannot decide on which water heater to choose, you can chat or give us a call: 131091. Our friendly licensed plumbers will know the best water heaters for you with your budget in mind. What’s more, the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor can provide you with FREE inspection and expert plumbing advice and solutions.

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