What to Check if Your Hot Water Service is Not Working Properly?

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What To Check If Your Hot Water Service Is Not Working Properly?

The Hot Water System is one of the essential appliances in every Australian household. They can either be gas, electric, and solar powered or a combination of these.

Hot Water Systems accounts for at least 21% of the energy consumption of most Australian homes. The majority of the hot water consumed is in the bathroom with a third of it being used in the laundry area and the rest are used in the kitchen area. You definitely would not want to wake up on a cold winter day with your hot water system not working properly. So, here are the things to do and what to check if your hot water service is not working properly to fully know and find out how?

So here are some things that you can check if your hot water system is not working:

  1. If you are not getting any hot water coming out of your taps, the first thing that you need to check is to make sure that you have cold water running out from the taps. If there is cold water, then this problem is something related to your hot water system. Check the isolation valve on your hot water system. It’s usually the yellow or red handle on the side of the water intake.If the valve is turned off, then all you need to do is to turn it back on.

    If you have an electric hot water system, check the fuse box marked with hot water to make sure that it’s functioning properly. Check also that the power cord of the hot water is plugged correctly  and the powerpoint is turned on. For gas hot water system, make sure that you have gas in your gas bottle or check if there is any problem with your gas line.
Hot Water - Plumbing And Electrical
Hot water complete installation
2. If you got no hot water flowing and no cold water also, then check the other taps to see if the water is flowing from them. If no water is coming out from any taps, check your main meter to see if the valve is turned on. If it’s only affecting one specific water fixture, make sure that the isolation valve is not turned off. 
Hot Water Isolation - Plumbing And Electrical
Hot water isolation valve
3. If you notice water leaking from your hot water system, check where it is coming from. A small amount of water coming out from the temperature relief valve is normal during the heating cycle but if you have an excess of water like a bucket full after 24 hours, then you would need to have it checked professionally. If the leak is coming from the side or bottom portion of the tank or overflowing out of the tank, close the tap supplying water to the tank and have it checked as soon as possible for hot water system repair and maintenance.
Dripping Relief Valve - Plumbing And Electrical
Dripping relief valve

4. If the water is not hot enough, check the temperature settings on your hot water system. Let it adjust the temperature for an hour and then check if there are any changes in the temperature of the hot water coming out of the taps. Adjust the thermostat on your electric hot water so as to increase the temperature.

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