What’s the Best Home Automation to Buy

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Best Steps to Set Up A Home Automation:

In considering what home automation to purchase that would depend on what is more compatible and the designs you want.

There are steps that you first need to consider in setting up your smart home hub


The most important thing to consider is device compatibility, and that will require a little planning. Smart home hubs are built specifically to work across different standards, but that doesn’t mean they all work with every single smart home device. The most common standard is probably Wi-Fi, but some devices also use Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and more. You’ll want to look at the smart home devices you’re planning to connect to the hub and list out the standards you need before you buy a hub.

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Voice control:

Smart home hubs have started evolving into smart speakers that also connect to a range of smart home devices. The most common of these smart speakers is Amazon Alexa, which connects to smart home devices and allows you to control them using only your voice. Google Home is another option, and Apple will soon release the HomePod, which will work with HomeKit products. You can read all about the smart speakers in our buying guide.

The app:

Smart home hubs are generally controlled through a smartphone app, and if you’re going to control your home from an app, you’ll want that app to work well. If you find that multiple hubs offer all the standards you need, and you’ve decided whether or not you want voice control, your next determining factor should be how easy the app is to use and how much that app can do.