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Home Automation Smart Home

Transforming your home into a smart home can bring you the convenience and comfort you desire. With advancements in technology, automating your home has become more affordable and accessible. Industry giants such as General Electric, Philips, and Google Inc have contributed to this revolution.

Explore our top three recommendations for home automation gadgets that can simplify your life.

Here Are Our Top 3 Gadgets to Automate Your Home and Simplify your Life

Discover the ultimate selection of top-rated gadgets designed to automate your home and simplify your life. Explore our top 3 picks for effortless smart home integration, enhanced convenience, and unparalleled comfort. Streamline your daily routines and unlock the future of home automation today.

Phillips Hue Light Strips And Phone

Automated & Wireless Lighting

Start saving money today and take control of your house lighting wirelessly. Smart lighting is a new trend that is both useful and very cool. When investing in smart lighting you gain the ability to wirelessly control lights when home or away from home.

These smart lights are mainly LED which save you a great deal of money over time. If you are looking to invest, we recommend the Philips HUE starter kit to begin. It gives you the control and comes with everything you need to become a wireless home control expert.

Home Automation And Security

Automatic Garage Opener – Gogogate

Gogogate is our top pick in mobile garage door management. If your garage door is your main front entry point or is regularly used this product is perfect for you. Take your mind off opening and closing your garage door. This gadget will open and close the garage depending on your proximity and personal settings. Follow the link above to visit the manufacturers’ website for more information.


• Android & ISO Supported
• Garage Door Sensors
• Alarm
• Camera
• Easy Setup

Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm & Carbon Detector

Google Nest is a brilliant product for the DIY home improvement enthusiasts. It is simple to install and provides basic home protection. Nest alerts you to smoke, fire, or CO2 in the space it is installed. Google Nest connects directly to your smartphone and pushes notifications to your device if there are any emergencies at home.

No longer do you have to worry about your house on fire when you are away on that important business trip? Nest has it covered!

Home automation is becoming the norm as technology becomes cheaper.

Many gadgets have flooded the market since the start of this year so we highly recommend conducting a good amount of research before you make the investment. If you need help with installing any of these gadgets or further advice, contact us today!


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