5 Plumbing Tips to Prepare You For Autumn

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We Have Less Than A Month To Go Before Autumn Starts Bringing Its Chill

Storms have also started to grace the late summer in the ACT and New South Wales. Along with the relief the rain provides on bushfire-afflicted areas, it has also brought along flashfloods that bring extra work to our home plumbing system. There’s no better time to start your plumbing maintenance than this time around. We have compiled a few tips that will help your plumbing stay in shape for the colder months.

1. Service Hot Water Heater

During Autumn and Winter, the worst possible scenario is to have no hot water. To make sure that you don’t experience this horrible situation, be proactive, not reactive. Water heaters need servicing as they are the most hardworking appliances in your house and just like any mechanical device, they need to be maintained., Manufacturers recommend that basic service is conducted by a Licensed plumber every 5 years, to ensure longevity and optimum performance of your water heater, read this article.

What comes together with sediment buildup is the possibility of corrosion in your hot water. The hot water anode rod collects the corrosive elements in the water but it usually wears down 2 years from the installation period. It is better to have your hot water plumber replace your anode rod if it is no longer up for the job.

Hot Water System Repair

2. Insulate Pipes.

There are two important reasons why you need to begin insulating your pipes during Autumn. It prevents the chances of frozen pipes during winter and helps in reducing heat loss in the pipes going in and out of your hot water heater. Over time, a frozen pipe will eventually burst, which will cost you a hefty sum in pipe repairs.

So, what pipes should you insulate?  Priorities placing insulation on pipes connecting to your hot water system and for those which are not located in well-insulated places such as exterior pipes especially those on the wall and ceilings. If you don’t know how to start with your pipe insulation, your local plumbers near you can assist you in this project.

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3. Disconnect Outdoor Hoses And Insulate Outdoor Taps

Outdoor garden hoses are susceptible to bursting. It is better to store them away so you can use them again when the weather becomes warmer. It also helps to install frost protectors or tap covers to ensure that your taps are not frozen.
Garden Hose

4. Clean Your Roof Gutters

With rainstorms happening these days, it would be no surprise to find that there are several twigs and residue in your roof gutters that you need to declutter. This is expected to worsen during the autumn season.

Clean the roof gutters thoroughly to avoid potential blockage during the colder months. It will save your roof from collapsing. Install gutter guards to prevent fallen leaves from entering your gutters and blocking the flow of rainwater. Know the benefits of installing a gutter guard here

Roof Gutter

5. Check Your Sewer Lines

If you always experience blocked toilets and blocked drains in other parts of your home, there is a high chance that you have blocked sewers. Other signs include gurgling sounds and rotten smell coming straight from your sewage system. 

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor has a team of capable blocked drains specialists armed with CCTV pipe inspection cameras together with electric eels and water jetters to get your drains cleared in no time. Be sure to contact your blocked drains plumber immediately so the right solution such as sewer line relining can be prescribed to you.

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For any jobs on hot water heaters and plumbing in Canberra, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and Port Stephens, feel free to contact our hotline 131091 or click the chat box at the bottom right corner of our website to book an appointment. The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor have on-call emergency plumbers to assist you this autumn.

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