Blocked Drains Rise Due to Toilet Paper Shortage – What Can You Do About it?

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Plunger Blocked Toilet

What Do I Do If My Drains Are Blocked Due To Not Using Toilet Paper?

We are currently in the middle of the  “toilet paper crisis” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  There are reported toilet paper fights in shopping centres as toilet paper gets wiped out off the racks. Now, people are flushing items down the drains that really should never be flushed.

Due to the large amounts of foreign objects being used instead of toilet paper, we are currently seeing a spike in the number of blocked toilets. So what should you do if you experience a blocked drain due to using, a hand towel, flushable wipes or other items instead of toilet paper?

Don't Panic.

We haven’t come across a drain yet that we haven’t been able to repair or clear, there is always a solution. However, the solutions may vary depending on the severity of the blockage and the condition of your blocked toilet drains. The first step in getting your drains flowing is to clear the obstruction.

The best way to unblock a toilet is by using these devices:

Electric Eel Plumbing Machine

Electric Eel

The electric eel is also popularly known as the plumbing snake. This is a mechanical device that we feed down your drains that spins and cuts the obstructions away. It is an old technology however it proves to be an easy way to unblock a toilet effectively.

Water Jetter

Water Jetter

The other option to clear your drain is to use a high-powered water jetter. This device uses high-pressure water to cut out the obstruction. It is the more preferred method for the modern plumber however its negligible as to if it’s more effective to an electric eel.

The use of an electric eel or water jetter will more than likely clear your drain. However, they will never really solve a  problematic drain issue permanently. Therefore, once we have cleared your drain, it’s imperative that we use our drain camera to inspect and see the condition of your drains and determine if the blockage is likely to reoccur or if it is in good operating condition. The use of the drain camera will give you and your plumber a good idea of what the next step is to ensure that your drains are working correctly in the future.

How Do I Know If My Drains Are Blocked?

Here are five signs that indicate that you are experiencing blocked drains:

  1. A gurgling sound coming from your drains.
  2. Smells may increase
  3. The toilet bowl is slow to empty.
  4. Outside drains have a high water level.
  5. Drains overflowing outside.

Blocked Drain Problems?

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to call an experienced blocked toilet plumber. The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor clears your blocked drains in no time and offers sound advice about your alternatives to wiping on this toilet shortage problem. Give us a call at our hotline 131091 to book a local plumber near you and get a plumbing inspection for FREE.

Drains Cleared from $99*

*May vary depending on the severity and cause of the blockage

Interested On How You Can Save The Little Toilet Paper You Have Left?

Bidet spray fixtures to your existing toilet can help you use very little toilet paper or none at all. This might be the answer to the toilet paper crisis all over Australia. The good news is, The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor can install it for you.

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