Tips to Secure Your Home When Going Away for Christmas

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Secure Your Home

Protect Your Home This Christmas Break With My 3 Simple Tips

It’s Christmas already, and I can’t believe it. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you so much for your support over the years, we truly appreciate it. 2018 has been a very busy year for us here at The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor, with many changes and adjustments to how we do business, all of which we know will continually improve how we serve you, our customers.

This Christmas period we will be open every day and night ready to help with your plumbing or electrical emergency needs.

Here Are Some Tips That May Help Prevent An Emergency At Your House Or Business This Christmas

Gas Fittings

If going away, be sure to isolate your water and gas, just turn it off at the meter this could save you the potential of a flood or fire whilst you are away.

Garden Hose

If you have an automated sprinkler system that needs to run whilst you’re away and you can’t isolate the water then as a minimum you should isolate all your fixtures at the appliance isolation taps, these are little silver taps located below your basins, sinks, tubs and toilets or where your washing machine hoses connect.


Disconnect appliances at the PowerPoint, if your house isn’t fitted with a surge diverter I would strongly suggest that you unplug any electrical appliances that are not being used, this will prevent any power surges from storms destroying your appliances.

Now that you have isolated your water, and gas and disconnected your valuable appliances you’re set to have an enjoyable break without the risk of damaging your property whilst you off having fun. Remember we are open all day every day over the Christmas and New Year period so please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of an emergency.

Have a wonderful Christmas and new year from all of us at The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor, and above all else stay safe.


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