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Is your bathroom shower head, sink or kitchen sink leaking?

Do you have a leaking tap, or a tap that won’t shut off?

Having a leaking tap may start off as a small irritation, however a leaking tap can end up costing you and the environment when not attended to.

There are many reasons why a tap may leak, things like high water pressure, worn out washers and seals, cracks or grooves on the brass seat just to name a few.

At the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor we have the solutions to your leaking or running tap, with over 35 years of trusted local experience in fixing or replacing leaking taps, we will have you back up and running quickly and efficiently, ensuring your not wasting the valuable resources our planet so dearly needs.

Is your bathroom shower head, sink or kitchen sink leaking? Having a leaking tap is like having a hole in your wallet. Every drip from a leak could eventually accumulate to cost over time and may lead to interior damage that could cost thousands to repair.

There are common reasons why some taps leak such as worn down seals but some leaks are more complex. There are a large amount of DIY videos and articles that can be found on the internet today that may lead you in the right direction but your DIY leak repair project may turn into a nightmare.

Contact The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor today to get a hassle free honest quote to resolve your leaking tap or both commercial and residential spaces. Our skilled tradespeople have the tools and knowledge necessary to resolve you tap leaking issues both large and small.

Contact our team of experts today to get your leaking tap fixed fast!


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