What are the Common Types of Blocked Drains?

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What Are The Common Types Of Blocked Drains

Are you having blocked drain problems in your residence? Then you might be experiencing these common types of blocked drains we listed. Read on, to find out! A perfectly working drainage system is necessary for every building whether it be a residence or a business. It’s where waste and contaminated water go so that it gets removed before it leads to water-borne diseases. Thus, if the drainage system is blocked, it’ll become a significant headache.

But clogging drains is quite common in every home, especially in Australia. Due to being covered in organic soil together with the kind of climate this location has, tree root intrusions frequently occur and wreak inside the drainage systems. So, various types of blocked drains are usually experienced by Australian households.

Now, if you’re unlucky and are experiencing blocked drainage, then you might have one of these common types of blocked drains.

Common Types of Blocked Drains

Tree Roots In Sewer

Blocked Sewer

Sewers are designed to remove all the wastes from your home to an area where contaminated water gets collected and redirected through to the local authorities sewer mains or into a waste treatment plant such as a septic system.

With how important sewers are, having it blocked is a no-no, a blocked sewer drain can be a health issue for your household and neighbouring properties, they are often disgustingly messy if not dealt with straight away. 

Blocked sewers are commonly caused by the following things:

  • Tree roots entering the pipes through cracks or joints, this is without a doubt the most common reason people are affected by blocked drains, tree roots can be removed in 3 ways, water jetting the drains with a high powered water jet that has drain cleaning turbines, most plumbers have these in their vans nowadays.

  • Broken or misaligned pipes, This happens when there is ground movement, obviously all sewer pipes regardless of type are rigid and hard, so when the ground moves especially in very hard or compacted soil, then the pipes will crack and drop, it this area where a lip may be formed that will catch solids and paper, causing a blockage.

  • Foreign objects, Only human waste and toilet paper should ever be put down your drains and nothing else, so when sanitary items, baby wipes, food, and other foreign objects are flushed or washed down your drains, you will find yourself sooner or later experiencing a blocked drain.

The good news is I’ve never seen a drain that can’t be cleared or fixed. Plumbers are a smart skilful bunch and have the tenacity of a terrier so we will never leave you without a working sewer system one way or another.

The ways in which drains are fixed or cleared are as follows:

  • The use of drain clearing equipment, like the electric eel or water jetter.

  • Diggin up and repairing or replacing affected areas of your sewer system.

  • Relining or patching affected areas of your sewer system.

The best solution initially is to call the professionals, they will immediately know the necessary methods on how to unblock a drain they are the best drain unblocked to unclog your drain pipe.

Stormwater Drain Getting Blocked

Blocked Stormwater Drain

A stormwater drain is an infrastructure designed to drain the excess rain and waste on the roofs of homes. Downpipes can be blocked by animal litter and leaves so it’s important to test your gutters and downpipes annually to ensure they are free-flowing. having this drain blocked can cause a major hassle for homeowners like water overflowing into the house or flood damage even during light rains. Thus, maintaining stormwater drains is important. To prevent blocked stormwater drains, regular checkups should always happen. And to do this, hiring a regular local plumber is a necessity. Since a professional plumbers will know the main causes of a blocked stormwater drain, they will also know the proper tools to use that will unblock drains. We suggest you hire a plumber to check your drain at least once a year.
Blocked Drains Newcastle - The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Soil Drains Block

Subsoil drains are one of the advanced methods of water draining systems. As discussed above the blocked drains will cause a severe effect and it will affect our day-to-day activities. This entire system will be done by paving the flow of pipe within the ground.

A blockage in this system will occur with similar circumstances of that answer drain along with sand and other impurities which may settle in the pipe. This will also create blockage and affect the flow of the water. This can prevent regular maintenance.

Common Signs of Blocked Drains

Now that you know the different types of blocked drains, I bet you’d also want to know how you can detect them. We also think that it’s important to know the early signs of blocked drains. Why? So that nasty complications can be avoided since prevention is better than cure. Thus, here are some of the red flags you can look out for:

Early Signs of Blocked Drains:

Gunk And Bacteria Causes Smelly Drains

Slow Draining Water

Smell Coming Out Of Blocked Drains

Sinks, Bathtubs And Toilets Backing Up

Sewer Odour

Foul Smell All Throughout Your House

Blocked Drains Are Noisy

Noisy Or Gurgling Sounds Coming From Your Drains

These are just some of the important signs you should take note of. By monitoring these things you’ll be able to know if you need a plumber to do a check-up on your drains to avoid future problems such as an overflowing sink or a toilet that won’t flush. So, address these early signs before they get any worse. Trust us, you can save a ton of money, time, and effort.

Trust the Experts

We know, not a lot of people care much about the early indications of blocked drains until they encounter worse situations. But the thing is, being aware of these symptoms can potentially keep you from trouble. So be informed and do check up on your own drains as much as you can.

Still, there are some plumbing problems that cannot be prevented even if you detect the early stages of it. In cases like this, the first thing to do is to call an emergency plumber that can solve it immediately. You might think that calling for a professional to unblock your drains will cost you tons of money, but solving it on your own will most likely harm your drainage systems more.

Now, if you ever come into an emergency plumbing situation and you don’t know which plumber near you to call, give the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor a try. Our company is composed of local plumbers that are licensed and certified. What’s more, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology, like a drain CCTV and a drain snake, to solve any plumbing problems.

We’ve stayed in business for decades because our loyal customers trust us to give them the best services at an affordable rate. And we give our assistance at an upfront price, so clients won’t have to worry about any hidden charges. To top it all off, we provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services. So if ever you come across an emergency situation, don’t hesitate to call us.

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