Do I Call a Plumber or a Drainer to Clear my Drains?

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Most people think that a plumber can do anything (likely because plumbers are some of the smartest humans in the world LOL!). However, besides the obvious plumbing is also what we do best.

We Can Fix All Things Plumbing:

Tap Being Fixed

A broken kitchen tap.

Shower Head Plumbing

A leaking shower head.

Hot Water System Repair

A hot water system that is not putting out any hot water.

Plunger Blocked Toilet

A toilet that is blocked or draining slowly.

However There Are Some things Not All Plumbers Can Do:

  • Not all plumbers are licensed to do gas work.
  • Not all plumbers specialize in drainage works as well.

Knowing the type of work that you need to be done in your house would help you determine what kind of tradesperson you would need to call. Now if you have a drainage problem, would you call a plumber or a drainer? Let us get into the basics of what a plumber and a drainer can do.

A plumber would need to complete a 4-year apprenticeship, and he would need to pass Certificate III in plumbing. This would grant him a license and accreditation to work as a plumber. For a plumber to be able to do drainage works, especially for drainage works done underground, he would need to have a drainer’s license to be able to perform the work.

Generally speaking, any plumbing work that involves water going into or inside the house or property would require a plumber. This also applies to any general water supply works. So getting a broken kitchen tap fixed would require a plumber since it would involve fixing a tap for water to flow effectively inside the kitchen area. If you get a leaking shower head, that would also involve getting a plumber to fix it for the water to flow efficiently inside the bathroom area.

Now if the plumbing issue requires water, especially wastewater, to go out of the house or the property, then it would require a drainer or a drainage specialist. This applies to sewer and stormwater drain issues. So if your toilet is draining water very slowly out of your drain pipes, then it would be best to call a drainer or a plumber who specializes in drainage works since this already involves water going outside of your house or property.

This also applies to a blocked drain in a kitchen sink that is not draining water out. Again, since this is wastewater that is not properly going outside of your house, the best person to call would be a drainer or a plumber who specializes in drainage.


What type of work do drainers do?


Drainers use a different set of equipment for their work and the following are just examples of their expertise:

Cctv Drain Camera Inspection - The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Drainage Maintenance

Drain Relining - The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Pipe Reline

Electric Eel Vs Water Jetter What'S Better

Sewer Repairs

Blocked Drain Repair

Blocked Drain Repair

Cctv Drain Camera - The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Unclogging Baths & Shower

It’s not to say though that a general plumber won’t be able to assist in clearing out your drain. A simple drain issue like a blocked toilet that requires only a plunging is something that a general plumber would be able to do but if clearing the drain would require specialized tools and equipment, then definitely the best choice would be a plumber/drainer.

A drainer specializes in drain issues involving surveying and assessing blockage issues underground which requires a CCTV camera. They also specialize in drain pipe problems that involve roots or damaged or collapsed pipes. They are especially whom to call for if you need to repair or replace your existing drainage system.

So the next time that you need plumbing work done, assess first if this involves water going inside the house or water going out of your property. Then you would know if you would need to call a plumber or a drainer. Check another article that you may find interesting “Why do my drains gurgle?“.

Here at the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor all of our plumbers are licensed to do both plumbing and drainage work so we can guarantee you efficient and excellent quality service. Feel free to contact us at 13 10 91 and we’ll be there to sort out your plumbing and drain issues. We serve areas in Newcastle, Canberra, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens.

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