How to Prevent Flexible Braided Metal Pipes from Failing?

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Dealing with the aftermath of a burst flexible braided metal pipe can be a costly and inconvenient ordeal. As someone who has spent over two decades in the plumbing industry, I understand firsthand the potential damage and frustration that can arise from such an incident. In this article, we’ll delve into the causes of these failures and provide you with expert advice on how to prevent them, saving you from unnecessary stress and expenses.

The Hidden Menace:

Picture this: returning home after a few days away only to find your living space transformed into a steamy sauna due to a burst flexible hose. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too real for many homeowners. These unassuming flexible braided pipes, commonly found beneath sinks, vanities, and connecting toilets, have gained popularity over the past 15-20 years in Australia due to their ease of installation. However, they’ve also earned the dubious distinction of being a leading cause of household insurance claims in the country.

Understanding the Vulnerabilities:

The lifespan of these braided hoses is relatively short, hovering around five years. While they’re designed to withstand up to 500kpa of pressure, it’s important to note that water pressure in numerous Australian households exceeds this threshold. As these hoses age, their structural integrity weakens, making them susceptible to splitting under pressure.

Prevention: Your Key to Peace of Mind

Learning from my own costly experience, I implore you to take proactive steps to prevent such incidents. Follow these simple yet effective recommendations to safeguard your home and wallet:

1. Regular Replacement:

The cornerstone of prevention is replacing your flexible hoses every five years, regardless of their apparent condition. This proactive measure ensures that you stay ahead of potential failures.

2. Pressure Regulation:

Installing a pressure limiting valve is a smart move, particularly if your home's water pressure surpasses the 500kpa threshold. This valve helps maintain safe pressure levels, reducing the risk of hose ruptures.

3. Equipped for Emergencies:

Whenever installing flexible hoses, make sure they're equipped with shut-off or mini taps. These mechanisms allow for swift water shut-off in case of a rupture, minimizing potential damage.

4. Vacation Protocol:

Before leaving for an extended period, turn off your home's water supply. This precautionary step can prevent catastrophic flooding while you're away.


Following these preventative measures can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing a burst flexible braided metal pipe. Investing in maintenance now means a safer, stress-free, and more cost-effective future.

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