How is COVID-19 Changing our Showering Habits?

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Showering Habits

Australians Shower Eight Times A Week On An Average

Women take 7-8 minutes under the nozzle, while men take a minute less than their female counterparts. We are absolutely part of the 80% of the world population obsessed with showering.

However, the way we use water has changed due to COVID-19. People who go out for essentials such as visiting the doctor for regular checkups, exercising, buying groceries and going out to work shower more often than the norm. Health workers, in particular, have been bathing more frequently to prevent the possibility of bringing coronavirus home.  It has also changed our handwashing habits, depending on what we do every day.

As personal hygiene takes the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is important more than ever to install water-efficient fixtures that will help you save on water bills. Here are some that would help you reduce your water consumption:

Have Your Plumber Install Low Flow-Rate Showerheads

Water-efficient showerheads use at most 9L per min of water which is a significant reduction to the 22L per minute utilization of regular showerheads.

Install An Envirowater Saver

Have you ever experienced waiting for water to heat up and just simply letting cold water go down the drains? An enviro-water saver is a valve installed to detect if the water is hot enough to flow through the pipes connecting to your showerheads and dishwashers. If the water is still not hot as it should be, it redirects that unused water back to the reservoir.

Check If There Are No Broken Pipes And Leaking Taps Within Your Plumbing System

You might have felt the mornings are getting cooler, even if we’re still 2 months away from winter. Water and energy bills will spike due to the increasing consumption of hot water. It’s high time to make sure that no water is laid to waste. Make sure all taps and pipes are working properly. Insulate them if necessary to avoid heat loss and freezing/bursting.

Check Your Water Heater Is Operating Efficiently And Effectively

Your water heater works hard every day and will work even harder through the winter months. If you haven’t had your water heater serviced in the last 5 years then now is the time. Ensure that you get longevity and efficiency from your water heater by getting a plumber to check all valves, anode, and heating sources.

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