How to Prevent Scald Injuries on Young Children?

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Scald Injury

Scalding is a serious matter especially if it involves young children and babies. Scalds are different from burns. Both scalds and burns involve damage to the skin caused by heat. The difference is that burns are caused by dry heat like fire while scalds are caused by wet heat like boiling water. 80% of burn and scald incidence in young children occur at home.

Of these incidences, 1 out of 4 are admitted to the hospital and 1 out of 5 is admitted due to severe injuries. Scalding incidences on young children especially babies are more serious compared to adults since their skin is much thinner compared to adult skin. They can cause scarring and severe cases would require skin grafting and multiple visits to the hospital which would have a psychological impact on any child.

So how can we prevent scalding on our children, especially with regard to our plumbing works? Scalds on young children usually involve hot water. Of these, the majority occur in the bathroom area. This can occur when a child is left unattended when opening the hot water taps or using the bath.

Here Are Some Tips On How We Can Prevent This From Occurring:

Treating Scald Injury
Treat scalds by running cool water for atleast 30 minutes.

In The Case Though That A Scalding Incident Has Happened To Your Children, These Are The Things That You Need To Do:

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