The Ultimate Fire Safety Guide for the Holidays

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Electrical Wiring

Summer gives you the chance to explore and have fun outdoors. It is also a great time to catch up with family and friends through barbeque parties and lounging in the poolside. Thus, there is extra toil on your appliances and electrical system that may create fire hazards. Have worry-free holidays with these seven  expert fire safety tips from our trusted electricians:

Gutter Guard

Clean Your Gutters And Yard

Sweep off dried leaves and twigs from your yard all the way up to your gutter. Especially when you live in a bushfire-prone area, keep your yard free from combustible materials that may easily catch on heat. For your gutters, you may want to install a gutter guard to avoid blockage of your stormwater drains. Learn how a gutter guard can protect your gutters from early wear and tear.
Fire Extenguisher

Keep A Fire Extinguisher At Hand

The source of the fire can happen anywhere at home. However, it will be ideal to have one tank per room particularly near areas prone to heat. Examples are your kitchen and yard where you usually have your BBQ.

Smoke Alarm

Test If The Smoke Alarms Are Working

Press the test button and you should hear a sound. If it is battery-operated, replace the batteries. If it is hard-wired, call your local electrician. Sometimes, you will hear a weak sound coming from your smoke alarm devices. Check the stickers on the unit’s life expectancy and when the batteries were last changed.

Important Pointers:

Scald Injury

Don’t Leave An Open Flame Unattended In The Kitchen

Cooking is one of the most common causes of fire at home. If you need to answer a call or get out of the kitchen, switch off the cooktop first before leaving. Make sure to cover the lids before leaving and keep the papers away from the stove. Don’t leave your younger children unattended in the kitchen as they may touch hot surfaces. Always conduct a routine inspection of your natural gas line connections. You can conduct a detergent soap test to check for potential leaks.

Extensions Cords And Power Boards

Don’t Overload Power

When you are at home, hiding from the heat of the sun and making the most of the air conditioning, it is easy to be caught up with your gadgets and charge them while browsing. Advise all members of your family to refrain from this unhealthy habit. Be extra cautious of plugging several appliances into one power outlet, especially in the kitchen. Powerpoints can also be overloaded with lighting decorations during the holidays. If you need more power points at home, contact us to make this possible for you.

Barbeque Grill

Keep An Eye On The BBQ

Be wary of the smell of gas while grilling as this may easily catch fire, especially with the hot and windy weather. If you do smell a gas leak, turn off the gas valve immediately. Keep your eyes on the grill. Have someone help you bring along ingredients for your cooking so you don’t have to leave your spot.

Evacuation Plan Icon

Devise An Evacuation Plan

Create an escape plan in case of fire. Educate young children on all exit points in the house and make it a fun drill for them. Emphasize the importance of the activity because the fire can’t only damage property but also take away lives.

If you think your electrical systems need some work or updating, please contact the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor to book our expert electricians before the holidays rush. It is always important to welcome the summer season prepared for any fire safety problems.


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