Why Won’t My Circuit Breaker Stay On?

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First things first, what is a circuit breaker?

It is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to act as a big ON-OFF switch and to instantly cut-off the electricity (break the circuit) the moment an overload or short occurs, protecting your wiring and prevent fire hazard.

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Now the question is “Why wont my circuit breaker stay on?”

Once a fault/overload is detected your circuit breaker will “trip” halting the flow of electricity. Unlike a fuse which needs replacement, once it blows a circuit breaker simply gets reset to “ON” position, which means flipping the lever from the tripped position, to the fully “OFF” position, then flipping it back “ON”.

This step ensures that the breakers gets reset. When you can’t reset it you need to isolate the issue, which means going room to room and unplug everything that includes all the electrical appliances in the house. When you are 100% sure that everything is unplugged, then try resetting the circuit breaker. Once you’ve done this you can go through the house and plug your electrical appliances one by one and determine which one causes the breaker to trip!

If the breaker refuses to “ON” it has either blown or the electrical overload in the circuit is still present, this time you need to call the pros.

Contact The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor we’ll send one of our Electricians to have it checked. We serve areas in Newcastle, Canberra, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.