Newcastle and Canberra Post-Lockdown Plumbing Tips

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Your Blocked Drains And Gas Plumbers Are Necessary Visitors After The Lockdown

You can have up to five visitors in addition to the household members according to the implementing guidelines on the first step of the 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia. The lockdown measures are easing up in many suburbs in the ACT and New South Wales, which naturally includes our service locations like Canberra Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley.

Maybe it’s time to make that call for an overdue plumber’s visit. Prepare your Newcastle and Canberra plumbing system for the incoming winter and fix blocked drains and burst pipes to promote hygiene and sanitation within your home. We have rounded up a list of plumbing to-do’s that you might look into, as the government lifts certain restrictions:

Hot Water System Installation

Hot Water Systems Repair And Installation

Not only hot water is a necessity for the cold months, but hot water can also remove grease from your body and hands that can harbour bacteria and removes germs and soil from your laundry.

Is there leaking water from your hot water system storage tank due to worn-out fittings or abnormal gurgling noises coming from your hot water system? For a burst hot water tank, book a hot water plumber immediately.

Plumbing Hot Water System Replacement

Gas Line Installation And Repairs

Cafes and restaurants can now seat up to 10 persons with an average density of 4m2 per person. That is good news for people who do not really excel in cooking over their gas ovens and cooktops but sad to say capacity is still limited.

For guaranteed warm home-cooked meals and comfort foods for the upcoming months, please call a licensed Newcastle or Canberra gas plumber for the new gas line and gas oven installations.

Plumbing Tips

Blocked Bathroom Drains

Did you enjoy a day spa at home during the lockdown? Some of those beauty creams and products might have found their way into your bathroom sink’s drains, causing a blockage. Make sure they are free from any blocked drains now that you can enjoy the services of your favourite beauty salons.
Plumbing Tips For Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilets

With all family members huddled together inside your home during the lockdown, it would be no surprise if this placed a strain on your toilets. It also does not help that the toilet paper crisis forced us to use items that should not be flushed in the toilet.

Before the blocked toilet cannot be remedied with a simple plunger, book an appointment with local expert Newcastle and Canberra blocked drains plumbing specialists in your area to determine the root cause of the plumbing problem.

Storm Water Drain

Stormwater System

Rainfall and hail might be rare during Canberra and Newcastle winter seasons, but with the unpredictable climate change nowadays, it seems there is no guarantee. Remove weeds, debris, and unnecessary loads from the gutters, downpipes and stormwater drain. The last thing you would want during the winter months is a sagging roof and leaking gutters.

Plumbing Burst Pipe

Burst Pipes

Exposed pipes are vulnerable to high pressure when the temperature goes down. Do not wait for your outdoor pipes to start leaking, start insulating now. Burst pipes can cause several blockages in your piping system, which may eventually lead to flooding or overflow. When you see even a minor leak in your home plumbing system, take immediate action to prevent further damage.

Covid Safe Measure

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor on COVID Safe Measures

We value the health of our workers and customers as much as we do with your plumbing, electrical and hot water systems. To ensure a safe job site, our Canberra and Newcastle plumbing professionals adhere to these procedures:

  1. Wearing masks and gloves when doing work on site
  2. Observing proper hand washing before and after work
  3. Conducting sanitation on our plumbing vans.
  4. Maintaining a safe 1.5 metres distance when speaking with our customers
  5. Preventing our workers from reporting to work if they have flu-like illnesses
  6. Rescheduling jobs for customers who have reported flu-like symptoms

Get in Touch with the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor

Let us celebrate the easing up of the lockdown with the right mindset for a COVIDsafe lifestyle. For Canberra and Newcastle blocked drains and hot water heater issues in your home and property, contact the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor at 131091.

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