TPED Care Measures on COVID-19

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Stop Covid19 Spread

We are one with Australia in reducing the risks of spreading COVID-19 (coronavirus). For the best interest of our clients and employees, we have implemented the following procedures in the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor:

TPED Care Measures


We have trained and advised our staff to do regular hand washing with antibacterial soap and water.

Not Touching M.E.N.

We have reminded them not to touch their MEN – mouth, eyes and nose. Our hands touch surfaces and may transmit viruses to these body parts making it easier for the virus to enter our system.


We have sanitised our office, van interiors and personal belongings like mobile phones and laptops so viruses cannot linger on these surfaces.


Our tradesmen are equipped with the correct PPE when performing work.


We have foregone the timeless handshake in exchange for bowing gestures and namaste as new ways of social greetings. (We hope this catches on forever.)

Social Distancing

We keep a polite 1.5-metre distance from our colleagues and customers.


We require our staff to stay at home if they exhibit flu-like symptoms. We would also like to note that no members of our staff have travelled outside the country for the past month.


We will vigilantly reschedule jobs in cases when our customers advise when questioned at the point of booking that they are showing cold and flu-like symptoms.

Hydrate And Eat Healthy

We also remind our dear customers and staff to hydrate well and maintain a healthy diet to boost your immune system.

It's Business As Usual In The Plumbing And Electrical Doctor

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