Plumber in Eagleton

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor has been offering its services to the people of Eagleton for decades now. Whether it’s cleaning blocked drains, emergency plumbing, electrical installations, or hot water installations, we’ve got it all covered!  We are an established company that is composed of licensed and certified plumbers and electricians.

So, if you are wondering, “are there any electricians near me or plumbers in Eagleton?”, you know who to call.

Eagleton is a small rural town under the Local Government of Port Stephens. This suburb has an extremely low number of residents and the houses are mostly for holiday rentals. Eagleton is a few hundred kilometres away from, Sydney. It is perfect if you just want a quick getaway from the city and enjoy a very calm and relaxing retreat and countryside scenery.

Eagleton Suburb Port Stephens Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

Rental houses must obviously be maintained, especially when it’s the holiday season. Your drainage systems and electrical wirings must be checked regularly to avoid bigger problems in the future, so to keep your Airbnb guests happy or even just the family, then it’s imperative to keep everything maintained and ready for continual use.

Now, fret not. The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor can help you make your rental homes up to scratch. While we cater to different regions, here are some of the plumbing and electrical services we offer in Eagleton:

  • Blocked Drain Clearing
  • Blocked Drain Relining
  • Blocked Drains in Sewers
  • Gas Fitting Plumbing
  • Burst Pipes
  • Toilet Repairs
  • Fire & Security System
  • Hot Water System Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • Electric Installations
  • Installation & Repair of Safety Devices and Switches

And to assure the quality of our services, we offer free site inspections to every customer on top of lifetime warranties for all the work we did. The best part is that you don’t need to mind the time for emergency plumbing repairs because our lines are open 24/7 even on weekends and public holidays.

Also, frequent customers are given huge deals and discounts.

If you are looking for the best plumbers and electricians in Eagleton, call us at 131091 or visit our website and have a chat with our welcoming representatives.

We cover the following areas in Port Stephens: