Plumber in Ferodale

The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor has been offering its services to the people of Ferodale for over 2 decades now.  We are an established company that is composed of licensed and certified plumbers and electricians. Whether it’s cleaning blocked drains, emergency plumbing, electrical installations, or hot water installations, we’ve got it all covered!

Ferodale is a sparsely populated rural suburb governed by the Local Government of Port Stephens in New South Wales. Now, almost half of the Ferodale territory is occupied by the Grahamstown Dam, where the lower Hunter Region gets most of its water supply.

With that being said, Ferodale has not much on its name. However, this is not an excuse for homeowners to leave their electrical services and drainage system unmaintained, especially if they live in an area close to a water reservoir.

Ferodale Suburb Port Stephens | The Plumbing &Amp; Electrical Doctor

And if you are asking, “who is the best plumber in Ferodale?”

Well, the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is a well-known company in this field and offers various plumbing and electrical services in the town. Some of the said services are the following:

  • Blocked Drain Clearing
  • Repairing Blocked Drains
  • Electrical Renovations
  • New Electrical Installs
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Gas Hot Water
  • Toilet Repairs
  • Burst Pipes
  • Leaking Taps
  • Gas Fitting Plumbing

For the best part, we give free site inspections to everyone.

Our service also includes a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship and we give out huge discounts to frequent customers. For cases such as emergency plumbing, our lines are open 24 hours a day, even on weekends and public holidays.

If you are looking for the best plumbers and electricians in Ferodale, don’t hesitate to call us at 131091 or contact us through our website and have a chat with our friendly customer service representatives.

We cover the following areas in Port Stephens: