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"We believe in good customer relationships"
Delivering excellent and quality service is our trademark when your avail of The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor services in Greta. With more than 20 years of experience, we can assure you that once you call our plumber Greta, we are offering exceptional service. The Plumbing and Electrical Doctors are the go-to-guys when you have a blocked sewer issue, a broken water pipe, a leaking tap, or any plumbing problems that you have on your property.

24/7 Emergency Plumber Greta

Our plumber Greta is always available to service your plumbing needs any time of the day, any day of the week. We dispatch our plumber right away to serve and attend to any plumbing issues that you have. With dedicated and professional tradespeople, we always have an available plumber able to service the Greta area. So if you are in need of a plumber Greta to unblock your toilet, or to remove the build-up grease down your kitchen sink pipes or to put down an eel or high-pressure Jetter to remove those pesky tree roots that have gotten inside your sewer drainpipes, then The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is the right person to call.

We have a workman’s guarantee on all the jobs that we do to ensure that the service that we deliver is to your satisfaction and to make sure that only the best service has been provided. It is our commitment to our customers in the Greta area that only the best service is provided at a reasonable price. This has been our commitment and our pledge right from the start that’s why The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is your first choice whenever you are looking for a plumber to service your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

So what are you waiting for, call and book The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor!

Our Plumbing Services in Greta

A blocked toilet is no laughing matter, nor is a non-working hot water unit. That’s why The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor has dedicated tradespersons who specialize in blocked drains and hot water systems in Greta. No matter how extensive your blockage is, we guarantee that we will have your sewer pipes flowing freely again.

With our specialized tools like the water jetter and the eel, we’ll be able to remove and clear all debris inside your sewage system. Our hot water specialists in the meantime are able to look at all kinds of hot water systems; be it gas, electric, continuous or solar hot water units, we will be able to fix, repair or replace them as quickly as possible.

  • Blocked Drains
  • Gas Fitting
  • Leaking Taps
  • Leaking Showers
  • Drain Repairs
  • Pipe Relining
  • Outdoor Drains & Sewers
  • Hot Water Repair & Replacement

Why Call a Plumbing and Electrical Doctor in Greta?

Either by word of mouth or through our good track record, The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is the best choice when looking for tradesmen to fix any plumbing and electrical issues in the Greta area. With a proven track record of more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we are a reliable company to service any of your plumbing and electrical problems.
Plumber Greta

Trained and Professional Plumbers

Getting the work done correctly is essential for us to deliver the best service to our customers. That is why we only send experienced and professional trades persons to Greta. This is to make sure that we send only the best technician to service and fix any of your plumbing and electrical issues. By sending only qualified and highly trained professionals, we ensure that your concern is addressed properly and in a timely manner.

High Technology Tools

Just as it is essential that we only have expert and professional technicians to service your plumbing and electrical issues in Greta, The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor also ensures that our tradesmen use the latest and newest technological tools necessary to perform their tasks and work.

From the moment that we receive your booking, this is sent out to our technician’s smartphone with all the necessary data about the booking. Not only that, but he also carries with him high technology tools that are essential in resolving your issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible. From the trusty eel and jetter to the high-resolution camera, we come prepared to resolve any plumbing and electrical issues that you have.

NO Hidden Surprises

It’s frustrating to be given a price for an expected work only to pay a different amount, a much higher amount, once the job is completed. That is why the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor makes sure to give upfront pricing from the start. This ensures that our customers know how much they would be paying for the job without any surprises once it has been completed.

This makes our customers happy and this makes The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor the best choice for any plumbing and electrical work in Greta.

On-Time and Reliable Service

Have you ever experienced calling for plumbing or electrical services and expecting the tradesmen to be there only to be informed later that your booking has been cancelled?

This is definitely not the experience that we want our customers to have. We value your time so we make sure that our technicians arrive at the specified time given. We also give you an update on the status of your booking if any unforeseen circumstances do occur that would hinder the timely delivery of our service.

24/7 Plumbing and Electrical Services in Greta

Do you have a blocked and overflowing sewer pipe on a holiday? Or a hot water unit that is not working over the weekend? If ever you are looking for an emergency plumber or want to get electricians to do your blocked drains or hot water systems in Greta, then call The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor.

Our trained and professional tradespersons are readily available for us to dispatch in the Greta area for an emergency plumber or a gas plumber to attend to any untoward plumbing and electrical issues that you have. We can do any gas fitting and standard plumbing works like fixing kitchen sink taps and any leaking taps. Our drain specialist can unclog your kitchen drains as well as your bathroom shower drains or any blocked sewer issues that you have. We can do any kind of drain cleaner or drain replacement as well as drain relining and repatching by our trusted plumber.

Our well-trained electricians can do any electrical work like electrical rewiring and safety devices & switches and switchboard upgrades. We also can cater to home automation and house rewiring. Our service is not only limited to that. We have hot water specialists who can check, fix and repair your Rheem hot water heater. We can also do water heater install, water heater repairs, and water heater replacement and provide you with a reasonable solar hot water systems price as well as for continuous hot water systems.

So for any emergency issues in Greta, call The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor.

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